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Dad uses a hysterical 'tummy meter' to determine if toddler son is 'really' full or not

This dad has come up with a great hack to regulate his toddler son's food intake and the internet is cheering him for it.

Dad uses a hysterical 'tummy meter' to determine if toddler son is 'really' full or not
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @fidlerfun

Parenting is a tough job. One of the parts of that job is getting your children to eat enough and eat healthy meals. Kids tend to throw a lot of tantrums over food and especially hate the greens that are good for their physical and mental growth. However, here is a different scenario. A mom named Lisa—who goes by @fidlerfun on TikTok—shared a video of her husband and two sons at the dining table and an electronic metering device in the frame. The father has seemingly come up with a way to convince his son that he needs to take a few more bites of some tortilla chips scattered in front of him to curb his hunger. The overlay text on the video reads: "Using the tummy meter to see if he is full after two bites."

Image Source: TikTok | @fidlerfun
Image Source: TikTok | @fidlerfun

As Lisa's husband holds the two diodes on the little boy's tummy, there is a bit of a beeping sound coming from the electronic device that is attached to it. The dad checks the numerical reading on the device and informs his son that he needs to eat three more pieces of the tortilla chips to be full because if the reading on the device shows 5, then it means his tummy is full. The little boy starts complaining about how he does not want to eat the sausage pieces on the tortilla, but as we read the caption of the video, it is safe to say the boy ate more than just 3 pieces of the chips. His brother also seemed too excited to try the device on his tummy and it was a fun way to convince kids who are picky eaters.

The community was cheering for the dad who invented a way to trick his sons into controlling their food intake and one person even questioned what kind of device he used to make his sons believe that his tummy was full. Lisa responded to the comment and wrote, "It's an older version of the Tummy Meter 300, but you can find similar ones at Lowe's called a Multi Meter." @ceooffartbrin wrote, "If it's recurrent (when eating pasta/chips), go to a doctor cause that can be a sign that he is gluten intolerant or even celiac!" @user038462827391 commented, "This was such a cute video. They will forever remember this and do it with their kids one day."

Image Source: TikTok | @laurenyltrb
Image Source: TikTok | @laurenyltrb

@haehaex6 joked, "Now we all know being full and being full of a certain food is real! I'm full of spaghetti, but I'm not full of ice cream." @meliimo quipped: "My mom didn't care if we didn't finish everything on the plate as long as the veggies are gone. Veggies, then meat, then carbs or whatever." @basicwitch13 shared, "We have a new rule where there are no snacks after dinner unless you ate all /most of your dinner and are still hungry because he would save space for snacks and not eat dinner." @shockey2713 added, "We are all over here just lying to our kids to get them to eat so we don't have to make a snack five minutes after dinner."

@fidlerfun Just for fun, he did end up eating several more pieces. #parenthack #parenthumor #toddlers #fyp ♬ original sound - Lisa


Another dad also did something similar to trick his son into eating vegetables. In a Reddit video shared by u/Thund3rbolt, a father can be seen using a multimeter on his child as well. The father says, "Let me see if your belly is full. Pull up your shirt." When the child accepts and lifts his shirt, he finds the multimeter won't stop beeping. He is unaware that his father is using the beep noises to induce him to eat more vegetables. "You have room for two more broccolis, but you have only three left," the dad says. The innocent little boy looks at the bowl and decides to eat the broccoli in the end.

Image Source: Reddit | u/Thund3rbolt
Image Source: Reddit | u/Thund3rbolt

You can follow Lisa (@fidlerfun) on TikTok for more fun videos on parenting.

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