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Exchange student cannot contain her joy as her dad travels all the way from Spain to surprise her

"Now that is a dad who loves his daughter and would do anything for her," a user wrote.

Exchange student cannot contain her joy as her dad travels all the way from Spain to surprise her
Cover Image Source: Tiktok | @cata.ferran

Editor's note: This article was originally published on January 20, 2023. It has since been updated.

Meeting parents after a long time is a special feeling. And when it's a surprise visit, it's even more heart-warming. That's how Cata Ferran felt when her father surprised her at her basketball game. The Tiktok video begins with a caption, "You're an exchange student and your dad comes to your basketball game from Spain as a surprise." Her coach tells her that her host grandma has come to watch the match so she waves at her and then takes permission to go meet her. As she walks up to greet her, she is shocked to see her father up in the stands. Ferran runs to him and gives him a tight hug. 

Tiktok | @cata.ferran
Tiktok | @cata.ferran


People on Tiktok were left in tears after watching the father-daughter reunion. @beagle_2020 wrote, "Now that is a dad who loves his daughter and would do anything for her…and a daughter grateful for her father." @roberwilliamson87 said, "Something you can’t describe with mere words. 🥰" @lindsaysherfield wrote, "I’m bawling! What an amazing surprise 💖." 

Many on the platform could resonate with the video. @davidmarino31 wrote, "So great! As a Dad with a daughter in college this hit hard. Good luck and enjoy it all!" @dubkv said, "As a father of an athlete, we will travel the world to see just one game because someday they won’t be one more game." @jessicarandolph42 wrote, "My exchange student from Spain 4 years ago🥰 her dad and brother came at the end of her year to meet us and pick her up. They are still like family."

Tiktok | @cara.ferrat
Tiktok | @cata.ferran


The video has garnered more than 1.5 million views and is captioned, "Still can’t believe it." Talking of surprises, in another beautiful video, children surprised their father on his birthday. Matt Collins and his sisters traveled 3000 miles to surprise their father on his 60th birthday. In a video uploaded on Tiktok, Collins can be seen entering his house and his mother can't believe her eyes and Matt says, "Happy Birthday." Her mother says, "Oh my God, look at this, Matt!" Then his mother hugs him and the father joins him. 

Tiktok | @cata.ferran
Tiktok | @cata.ferran


That's when he tells his father, "I've got you a gift though."  They come out and see his two sisters. The mother starts crying, and the father quietly goes inside and starts crying. Toward the end, the father hugs his daughters and son. Collins captioned the video, "This is what happens when three siblings travel 3,000 miles to surprise our dad for his 60th birthday🙌 Safe to say it went well."

People on Tiktok were happy to see such a loving family. @chaborines said, "awwww the dad couldn't handle it.. this is sweet. looks like it's mom's birthday too🥰"@stilllostinwesttexas said, "That’s all parents want, a big hug and all their babies together again. Well done, y’all. The best gift you could have given." @ashleybrooks13_ wrote, "He cried because he has all his kids together 🥰"



Some users also shared similar instances and some were worried about the house door being open. @redwineo64 wrote, "My sister and I did this to my dad for his 80th. He answered the door in his tighty whiteys🥺🥺🥺 Surprise." @venusvness wrote, "Wait, people just leave their doors unlocked all willy-nilly out there?" 

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