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Lawyer Dad skips work and turns detective to find his daughter's missing hamster and we're all hooked

He admitted that it was the most stressful event of his life since he took the Bar exam.

Lawyer Dad skips work and turns detective to find his daughter's missing hamster and we're all hooked
Cover Image Source: Twitter/Steph Veerman

Editor's note: This article was originally published on December 12, 2022. It has since been updated.

Our parents often say a big no when it comes to having pets in the house. They state many reasons for their refusal, from additional responsibilities and added costs to "who is going to take care of them when you are gone?" However, many of us have also witnessed our parents fall in love with the pets they never wanted and it is incredibly special. Twitter user Steph Veerman introduced the world to one such beautiful bond in 2019 when she shared how she had a hamster which she handed over to her father before she went back to college. He eventually became very attached to the hamster and was crushed when the little one went missing one day. In a Twitter thread that won hearts across the platform, Veerman shared how her dad left no stone unturned to find his beloved hamster.



Veerman wrote in her post, "My dad took over my hamster once I went back to college and ended up getting really attached and today he escaped and this goes to prove how truly pure my father is." She also enclosed screenshots of her conversation with her father which starts with him writing, "Please call me as soon as you get this. This is an emergency." The daughter tried to console him by saying it is "just a hamster." However, the father was adamant and felt bad about losing the pet and wrote, "I'm so sorry I'm looking everywhere. I'm so wicked, I will keep looking all day." He even added a crying emoji to emphasize his sadness over the hamster's disappearance. 


"I'm never going to forgive myself if he doesn't come back," another message from him read. He even asks his daughter if he should keep looking for him or "is that going to scare him into hiding." He then declared that if he doesn't find the hamster, he will skip work the next day and keep looking. The daughter, on the other hand, tried to remind her dad that he is a lawyer and has more important things to do.

However, he refused to give up and put down the hamster's food and created a ring around it with flour. "I can see his footsteps if he comes to get his food," he explained. He continued apologizing to his daughter and called it the "biggest screw-up of his life." His emotions range from being angry with himself for not being more alert to having trust in God. He even mentioned that the hamster likes peanut butter and it can be used to find him. 


The Twitter post got the entire network hooked on the hamster disappearance saga and many enquired if the father found the hamster and he certainly did. He sent his daughter a picture of the hamster trying to pull another escape, writing: "the little b**tard is trying to get out again." Moreover, admitted that this incident was the most stressful event of his life since he took the Bar exam. The dedication of this father to devise plans and find his hamster won many hearts. Veerman's post gathered almost 500k likes and thousands of comments.


One Twitter user said, "Flour, so he can see his footsteps. Heart exploding with that sweet effort to return the little escape artist to his safe little home. Good Dads are priceless." Another joked, "I am looking forward to the quirkiest indie buddy movie of 2021, "You Are a Lawyer and He is a Hamster." 


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