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Dad shares the reason behind an adorable tradition he follows for his daughter's birthday every year

For decades, this dad has inflated hundreds of balloons to set up in the hallway on the eve of his daughter's birthday for one wholesome reason.

Dad shares the reason behind an adorable tradition he follows for his daughter's birthday every year
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @drewmavrick

What makes a parent-child bond special are the little moments and traditions that they create over the years. They are the elements that frame some of the most beautiful memories while adding to the love. Drew Marvick—who goes by @drewmarvick on TikTok—shared a wholesome practice he has with his daughter. Every year on her birthday, he does something special and heart-touching for his daughter for one simple reason: to relive her precious reaction.

Image Source: Reddit/u/PF003
Image Source: Instagram | @drewmarvick

Marvick recently posted a video where he explained that he follows a sweet ritual for his daughter every year on the eve of her birthday. He captioned it, "I had no idea this would become a Birthday tradition, but now I hope she realizes that I will never stop." The video features a text overlay that explains, “For decades now, every year, on the night of my daughter’s birthday, I blow up hundreds of balloons by mouth.”

The video shows him blowing several pastel balloons in a room. He adds, “I fill the entire hallway before her bedroom door with the balloons.” As the text overlay is being displayed, the father is seen arranging balloons in front of his daughter’s room.

Image Source: Reddit/u/PF003
Image Source: Instagram | @drewmarvick

The text overlay continues, “Just so I can experience this moment,” and immediately his daughter comes out as excited as ever, walking through the balloons feeling like an absolute princess. “Right there with her, every day as she wakes up,” read the words in the video along with a quick replay of the little girl coming out to the balloons over the years. Right from the time she was a toddler, her dad has been making her feel special with this practice. It has become something that makes the little girl as excited as ever, every year. The footage of the youngster from her previous birthdays shows that she looks forward to this moment every year with the same excitement.

Image Source: Reddit/u/PF003
Image Source: Instagram | @drewmarvick

The video concludes with the heartwarming throwback footage and a text overlay that reads: “I hope she doesn’t think I’m gonna ever stop doing this, because I won’t.” Lastly, the father leaves an adorable message for his daughter, “Happy birthday Lemon Parker, happy birthday.” The video was a wholesome one and so were the comments. What he thought was a delightful gesture turned out to be an inspiration for several others. @simplysharie said, "My daughter gets two birthdays a year and I clearly need to step it up.” @bbgnee commented, "I hope she knows how lucky she is to have an amazing dad like you."

Other users simply couldn't digest the fact that Marvick was manually blowing up the balloons. @925foxxx humorously asked, "Can we get you a pump? Please? This is so awesome!"  Several social media users had other reactions. Fellow parents wanted to adopt the practice while other adults shared that they'll keep this saved for when they have kids. @thejblox28 said, "I may not have a dad but I'm going to be a dad like you."

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