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Dad shares the conversation with his 15-year-old stepdaughter that left him in tears

The girl's parents were about to go through a separation. Her text to her dad the night before is truly heartwarming.

Dad shares the conversation with his 15-year-old stepdaughter that left him in tears
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Lgh_9; Reddit

Parental separation can be tough for children and parents alike, especially when it involves living with one parent or shuttling between two homes. Despite this, one dad felt immense love when his stepdaughter shared a heartwarming message with him. On Reddit, he captioned the post, "My wife and I are separating and I leave home tomorrow. This was a conversation with my 15-year-old stepdaughter late tonight. We're discussing my 2-year-old at the end."

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Pawel L.
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Pawel L.

The daughter wrote, "Honestly I hope you know that I saw you as a dad and always will." The simple sentence left the dad in tears. He replied, "Just saw this and now I am in tears." The daughter apologized for making her dad cry but he quickly reassured her and said, "Thanks, that means more than you know." He added, "Love you, kid. You'll always have someone by your side in me. You'll always have someone to turn to without judgment." He joked, "Okay maybe with less judgment, lol."

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit

The daughter sent her dad love and told him that she appreciated his jokes and how he never takes anything to heart. She also reassured him that she would take care of her little sister. The dad thanked her and wrote, "Thanks. She's going to need you. She will need someone who's always happy to see her when she is there. That's what I always try to be for her." The sister assured her dad she would always be there for the 2-year-old girl.

People took to the comments section of the post to talk about the heartwarming relationship. u/Frecklefishpants wrote, "This is beautiful and you should be so proud of the relationship you have with her. My stepdaughter is 17 and always jokes that her dad and I can never separate because she doesn’t want to go back and forth between three houses. It’s not been an easy ride but I think even surly teens can recognize love."


u/BB_67 expressed, "My mum and dad separated when I was 15. That moment my dad gave me a hug and walked out the door is an image I’ll always have. We didn’t have mobiles back then, but I wish my dad had said something similar, something about having my back and being there. It would have been comforting, so well done to you. Keep going with the communication, it’ll mean a lot." u/epra1710 remarked, "I can only hope and dream that there’s a whole wave of men who can be fathers like this! Communicative, supportive and open in showing love and emotion. That’s healthy and beautiful and it’s how we heal!"

Image Source: Reddit | u/DuchessOfAquitaine
Image Source: Reddit | u/DuchessOfAquitaine
Image Source: Reddit | u/NoinsPanda
Image Source: Reddit | u/NoinsPanda

u/IWantALargeFarva shared, "You're a good man. I worked with someone whose daughter would come in when he worked night shifts. I would see them on camera in the break room eating dinner together, and him helping her with her college homework. I thought it was so sweet. And then someone told me it was his stepdaughter from a previous marriage. He never even called her a stepdaughter or a former stepdaughter. Just, this is my daughter." u/Few_Significance8929 pointed out, "You must be a good father to her that you made a big impact on her life. Nowadays it's very rare to have a father-and-daughter connection even if you are not blood-related. This is something you should be proud of buddy."

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