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Dad shares why raising a kid in America is not as 'normal' as it seems and it's resonating with many

Many people related to the man's concern for his kids in the comments section and lauded his decision to relocate to a different country.

Dad shares why raising a kid in America is not as 'normal' as it seems and it's resonating with many
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @lunagoestospain

There are various reasons why people relocate to a new country and start their life from scratch. Sometimes it's education, familial reasons, a better job opportunity, or for the sake of kids and their future. There are many American families who had seemingly enough of the country's culture, policy and politics and they just want a break from it. This couple on TikTok has been grabbing the attention of netizens lately for the same reason. 

 Image Source: TikTok | @lunagoestospain
Image Source: TikTok | @lunagoestospain

@lunagoestospain has been documenting her relocation journey to Spain with her family and sharing details about how they got their visas or rented their apartment. One particular video which has gained a lot of traction on the platform, shows her with her husband in a car. Luna clarifies that initially, her husband was not thrilled with the idea of moving to another part of the globe and leaving America behind.

“I see a lot of you guys talking about your husband. Your husband doesn't want to go. Well, look who else didn't want to go, this guy,” she says while putting her husband in the frame as he drives the car. “He did not want to move abroad. What changed your mind?" she asks him. But her husband has a rather sad reason for changing his mind about moving out of America. He had this feeling that there might be a better and safer place than America to raise their kid. He starts narrating a story about how he and his wife zeroed in on the relocation decision after they ended up in a crowded cafe in Spain.

 Image Source: TikTok | @lunagoestospain
Image Source: TikTok | @lunagoestospain

“There's a ton of people walking around. Being from St. Louis, that's not a very comfortable place for me to be in. And you turn to me and say, ‘Have you seen all these people?’ And you're like, ‘None of them have guns’,” he says. “And I realized this weight that I had been carrying around my whole life wasn't necessary. Like what we think is normal is not normal,” he adds. Luna's husband was obviously referring to the increase in gun violence in America in recent years and tragic incidents that have happened in schools or public places. 

Needless to say, parents, who live in the US and saw this video, shared similar concerns for their kids, more or less. Some even wrote that the country they are residing in is not fit for raising kids and that is their "main motivator of relocating to a different country." @justcookwithdustin wrote: "We lived in Japan for 3 years. Feeling safe in any neighborhood or at any time of day or night was amazing." @wyrdartbyjonna shared the same concerns as Ashley's husband and she commented: "For real though! Now that my kid is starting kindergarten, I feel even more anxiety. I’m desperate to find a way out." @astrolo_g added: "As a father of two young boys, your husband’s explanation has me shaken because I cannot disagree." 

 Image Source: TikTok | @lunagoestospain
Image Source: TikTok | @lunagoestospain


“My husband and I have seriously considered moving for the same exact reason. The only reason we've stayed is because of family," commented @_dusky_rose_. Many others also opined the shootings as the main reason to move to a different country. 

Image courtesy: TikTok/@_dusky_rose_
Image courtesy: TikTok/@doulafaye_

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