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Dad shares his son's heartwarming drawing of ‘safe' and it is just everything a parent wants to see

The little boy was asked to draw what 'safe' meant for him in school and his simple artwork had parents around the world in awe.

Dad shares his son's heartwarming drawing of ‘safe' and it is just everything a parent wants to see
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels| Ron Lach, X|@eohiggins

Some kids have the most wholesome ways of expressing themselves. Their pure and honest nature is reflected in their actions. A dad, who goes by @eohiggins on X, shared a picture that revealed what "safe" meant for his son. The little boy drew a picture when asked to describe "safe." It's a concept that is hard to explain in words, but the little boy expressed his thoughts in the most adorable and simplest way. “My son’s drawing of ‘safe,’” the dad proudly wrote in the caption of the photo that made parents all over the internet smile. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels|
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Allan Mas

The son’s drawing was focused on 3 figures. He drew a rectangular block that represented a blanket and 3 circular faces. The 2 faces on either end represented his parents smiling. The third face was smaller comparatively and represented him. The three structures were drawn to appear like they were tucked in bed. For the boy, being "safe" meant being surrounded by his parents. In a thread, the dad revealed that his school had asked him to draw what he thought was “safe” for him.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Cottonbro Studio
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Cottonbro Studio

The post left fellow parents awestruck. They could feel the warmth and pleasure the dad was experiencing. @Canarylittle said, “It just brought tears to my eyes, this is just beautiful.” @AmadorBatten wrote, “This hits home for me. Thanks for sharing.” @chapps exclaimed, “Safe to say that you've won at parenting.” @guieneagibbs shared, “My version of that was hearing my daughter, aged about 2, talking to herself as we were on our way home: ‘Home. Milk. Mummy. Tea. Beebies.’” @charliekranz added, "What a wonderful drawing. Thanks for sharing. Warms the heart!"




Another parent, @Jezzatrainman, shared a picture of what their child drew. When instructed, “Draw what makes you happy," the kid drew a photo of his dad. It is not perfect but it is the best. Trying to match the resemblance, they also drew spectacles, tummy and more. The comment read, “My 7-year-old drew me. Lump in the throat time.” In a similar instance, a 3-year-old tried to draw her dad out of love and had the most hysterical result. u/sunnyismybunny shared a picture of his daughter’s drawing. The caption read, “My 3-year-old drew me and her mom won’t stop laughing at me.” 



Image Source: Reddit|u/sunniy
Image Source: Reddit|u/sunnyismybunny

The little one tried to make the drawing perfect. It was indeed straight from the heart but it also left people in stitches. u/peyton420universe exclaimed, “I laughed so hard when I realized that wasn’t your nose but your eyes. What a sweet kid.” u/albertpenello wrote, “A lot of kids' emotions come through the drawing so the big, toothy smile is the most important part of this!”

Image Source: Reddit|u/
Image Source: Reddit|u/Poet_of_Legends
Image Source: Reddit|u/
Image Source: Reddit|u/yarepeoplelikethis

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