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Dad shares bizarre $4000 bill for just 'visiting' hospital ER and everyone's baffled

The dad took his toddler to the ER due to a tummy ache that went away on its own but the dad was swept away by the whopping cost he had to pay for almost nothing.

Dad shares bizarre $4000 bill for just 'visiting' hospital ER and everyone's baffled
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels| RDNE Stock Project, X|@joebensonx

With the economy in turmoil, even essential medical care is becoming unaffordable. Joe Benson was shocked to receive a bill of over $4,000 after taking his son to the ER. His 3-year-old was in distress, and fearing appendicitis, they rushed to the hospital. “Fear was appendicitis but after 45 minutes of moaning, he burped for 5 seconds and was fine so we asked to leave. The bill? $4,179. WHAT?!” Benson shared in disbelief.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Pixabay
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Pixabay

Despite the lack of major medical intervention, the dad was charged an enormous amount. He called the hospital to understand the charges but ended up even more baffled. “Here's the breakdown: $2,215 - ‘The visit,’ $740 - 2-minute visit with the doctor. $1,224 - ‘Standard’ nurse's swab of my son's throat and nostrils for covid/strep test. $0.07 - Tylenol (how generous)” the dad scoffed.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Los Muertos Crewe
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Los Muertos Crewe

Still unsatisfied, the dad continued to communicate with the hospital. “I proceed to tell them (politely) that the same ‘tests’ are $50 at a pharmacy down the road and they weren't even related to my son's symptoms,” he wrote. The dad urged the staff to check whether there was some mistake but they were adamant about the whopping amount. To the dad’s relief, he was a member of a healthcare organization and remembered that he could avail of a discount. “I tell her we're technically ‘cash pay’ (we are members of a healthcare sharing organization) and ask if there is a cash-pay discount. She says, ‘Yes. Let me calculate it for you.’ Cash pay price: $685 total,” the dad wrote.

Although he avoided a huge expense, the dad was still shocked by his experience. “I can't help but think, this is why millions are paying insane amounts in insurance premiums every month. ERs/hospitals are out of control,” he exclaimed. The dad also attached a picture of the bill which cited the breakdown of the big amount just as he had mentioned. Many were taken aback by the rash amounts thrown at patients for basic treatment. @markkasaurus wrote, “They are extracting as much as they can from insurance; insurance does not provide any benefit, it merely escalates these schemes where the loser is the patient (who wastes their time and money) as they're ping-ponged between the healthcare and insurance providers.” 




@jpohank exclaimed, “I went to urgent care for the flu a few weeks ago… They charged $800 for the visit and flu test. Our medical system is out of control.” @wwarreneng recalled, “When my brother was found unresponsive at home, 911 was called and an ambulance was dispatched. They pronounced him dead and left. $1200 bill arrived a couple of weeks later.” @coolmomjamie exclaimed, “My hospital bill after giving birth had a fee for me holding my own baby.”


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