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Dad reminisces about the old Corvette he sold in 1976. His daughter then hands him the keys to it

He adopted her along with her brother after he married their mother 40 years ago and proved to be a great father.

Dad reminisces about the old Corvette he sold in 1976. His daughter then hands him the keys to it
Image Source: Reddit/Swerwin

Editor's note: This article was originally published on November 28, 2022. It has since been updated.

Parents often make substantial sacrifices to raise their children and provide for them. This father sold his Corvette years back because he needed money to raise his daughter. He didn't think that he will get to own one again but his daughter's beautiful surprise proved otherwise. A video posted on Reddit by u/Swerwin shows the father walking into a parking lot with his family. He instantly spots a 1973 Corvette and points it out to everyone around him. His daughter asks him to go check the car out closely and he starts admiring it from all angles. He recounted his memories of owning the exact car and starts telling his family all about it. A few seconds later, his daughter hands him the keys to the car and the man struggled to understand what was happening. "What is this?" he asks her while glancing at everyone around him. 

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit


When he realized his daughter had bought the car for him, he immediately bursts into tears and hugs her. He immediately hops into his brand-new car with his daughter and takes a lap of the parking lot. This surprise meant a lot to him as he sold his sports car in 1976 before proposing to his wife who already had children. He adopted those children, a boy and a girl, and raised them as their own after marrying her.

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit


Almost 40 years later, his daughter and her husband surprised him with the same car. The car's number plate read "YDHT" an acronym for "You didn't have to." His daughter wanted to honor his commitment and tell him that even though he didn't have to sell his car for his adopted children but he still went ahead and did it. They put a lot of work into getting this car ready and it has been named "Astro" by the youngest member of their family. 

This beautiful story moved people to tears and people on Reddit applauded this father-daughter bond. Reddit user, u/queenstaceface shared, "My dad sold his Holden Torana when he and my mum got pregnant because it couldn't fit a car seat. I wish so badly that I could do this for him."

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit


The original poster added, "He is not her biological father, he was just dating her mother when she was a little girl, but he still took on the responsibility and adopted her and raised her like she was his own, and he didn't have to do that." Another Reddit user, No_Negotiation_7176, added, "That's beautiful, and he wasn't even her biological father. This shows the strength of character of that man in raising a family. And that's a sexy ass car too. Stingrays are head turners." 

The video was posted on YouTube with the description, "My dad is an amazing man! He gave so much even when he didn't have to! We are so thankful to give him this car back!" It has gathered over 6 million views and people are thankful to witness this beautiful moment. 

Watch the video here:


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