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Dad quits job after being accused of stealing and eventually found a fulfilling new position

A devoted dad, wrongly accused of theft, quits his job and lands a better one, turning adversity into triumph.

Dad quits job after being accused of stealing and eventually found a fulfilling new position
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Ketut Subiyanto

Many individuals take their jobs seriously. They execute their duties responsibly and ensure punctuality. However, even after giving it their all, they end up facing poor treatment due to some unforeseen circumstances. In such situations, they are forced to either quit their job or somehow survive in hostile working conditions. A Reddit user, u/MilleniumGothic, shared a story about their father, who left his job after being accused of theft. The post titled, "My dad lost his amazing job over a lie," has managed to gain 1K upvotes on the platform along with 49 comments. The individual states that their father used to work as the manager of the meat department of a "semi-chain grocery store." He had been in the industry for about 15 years at the time and performed well.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Tiger Lily
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Tiger Lily

He was a very punctual and hard-working employee. The man never took a day off unless his vacation time allowed for it. He also behaved cordially with his coworkers and made them efficient schedules. They reflect on his mentality, saying, "Truly an awesome work ethic and he still holds it now in his early 50s."

As a result of all this, their father had a good standing with all the employees and the owner of the store. The job also paid him well and the individual described the family as "doing very well." His salary also helped him raise both kids after going through a divorce and getting "most of the custody." The individual states that even though their father was not one to give out gifts, they were treated to a few costly electronic gifts as kids.

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit/u/LizardVIII

Time passed and the individual turned 14, at which point the store was sold to another man. The new owner happened to be someone who had never worked in the industry before and only had experience dealing with food trucks. He essentially did not have any idea about how a grocery store functioned. They say, "Things went downhill very fast."

The father was soon accused of stealing meat from the meat section of the store by the owner, even though he did not have any evidence. Wanting to keep his job, their father invited the owner to their house for dinner to show him that he had paid for the meat he took with the bills for the purchase. Unfortunately, the man declined the invitation. The new owner's behavior gets to their father and he decides to quit on the spot. His abrupt exit forced him to move in with his ex-wife for some time, which was hard on him.

Image Source: Reddit/sf5852
Image Source: Reddit/u/sf5852

Even though he struggled for a while, he managed to find a new job as the "Store Manager" at a place that paid better with reasonable hours. The new position also allowed him to find a nicer boss with a healthier work environment. The individual ends the post by calling out the old manager for his poor behavior but thanking him for pushing their dad to get a better job. Other people on the platform loved the fantastic comeback story and shared their observations in the comments section.

u/MuchDevelopment7084 said, "It was planned. He was making too much money. So the new owner literally pushed him out the door. Not realizing the asset your father was to the store. But it worked out even better for him." u/TryOdd2583 commented, "Wow, this story of your father's values and perseverance is beautiful. Gives me encouragement. Thanks for this."

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