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Dad of triplets has an ingenious hack for steering three strollers at the same time

Jordan Flom was seen taking his triplets out of the car and arranging them in a V-formation before using a contraption to connect their strollers.

Dad of triplets has an ingenious hack for steering three strollers at the same time
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @jordanflom

Being a new parent to a child has its own challenges but what if one has to take around three children at the same time? Jordan Flom, a dad of triplets, came up with an ingenious idea to make sure that he could maneuver three different strollers together. His wife, Rachel Flom, captured this moment when he was transferring their three kids from the car seats to their strollers at Target alone. Later, James Flom posted the video on Instagram.

Image Source: Instagram | @jordanflom
Image Source: Instagram | @jordanflom

Rachel pretended to be a stranger and kept commenting on what her husband was doing, sitting in a vehicle nearby. "Oh my gosh, there are three of them. How is he going to push three of those?" she asked, looking at the strollers. The dad was then seen taking out a wooden frame from the back of his car and arranging the strollers in a V-formation. Next, he attached the frame to the strollers' handles. Meanwhile, Rachel said that she was intrigued and kept guessing what her husband was going to do next. "Okay, this guy is kind of smart, I mean hooking up three strollers! I wonder if this is actually gonna work. What is he using?" she asked.

Image Source: Instagram | @jordanflom
Image Source: Instagram | @jordanflom

She then got out of the car and decided to talk to Flom about how the frame worked. She asked, "Are you going to push three of them yourself?" He explained, "I figured you can't push three at once so I connected them and you can control the front." The wife pretended to be excited when he said that he made it. He shared, "I figured that there are already wheels on it. Triplet strollers are too big." She then asked him if this was functional and if he would be able to go shopping using that.

He demonstrated the contraption's effectiveness by moving the three strollers around. "The front guy, I can control like this and then I can just push," he shared. The video ended with the woman telling him, "This is crazy. Good job! That looks really impressive." The best part of the frame was that he could keep an eye on all his kids while taking them around at Target. The video garnered 40 million views on the social media platform.

Image Source: Instagram | @jordanflom
Image Source: Instagram | @jordanflom

It was captioned, "Triplet Dad solves stroller problem!" People in the comments were also impressed by the dad's hack. @iamsabrina commented, "This is the cutest, most resourceful, smart and innovative thing I've seen a loving parent do! Omg, he better patent it!" @botelho_karine wrote, "That’s amazing! Proving once more that whoever really wants to find a solution for anything, will do it!"

Image Source: Instagram | @jordanflom
Image Source: Instagram | @jordanflom

@aarinandco shared, "Problem solved! Parents always find a way for their babies and that is so heartwarming." @clairewalker87 said, "I absolutely love this, my dad is an engineer, and he is always coming up with the most random solutions to problems. This is totally something my dad would have made! Also, this guy could market and sell this product." Inventions like these are what prove how much dads care about their children and do their best to provide for their needs.

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