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Dad lets son take his wife's menstrual cup to show and tell, hilarity ensues

After an unaware father allows his son to take his newly-found favorite toy, a menstrual cup, to school for show and tell, he has the funniest conversation with his son's teacher.

Dad lets son take his wife's menstrual cup to show and tell, hilarity ensues

Men, if you needed an example to prove why you should probably pay attention to "female needs," like periods and period products, Reddit users Sothishappened2 is here to help you out. He took to the forum "Today I F*cked Up" to describe how in the world he let his son - who from the post seems rather young - take his wife's menstrual cup to his show and tell in class one day while his wife was away on a business trip. For those who are unaware of what a menstrual cup is, much like he initially was, it's an insertable period product that catches leakage during someone's period. It can be emptied, boiled, and reused. However, both Sothishappened2 and his son weren't clued in until recently. Settle in for the funniest thing you've read yet.

He explained in his post: My wife is working out of town for a couple of weeks. Sometime over the weekend, I noticed [my son] playing with this little silicone cup that kinda looked like a tulip. I asked him what it went to and what it did and he proceeded to show me it’s versatility; Over the next few days, it helped the Paw Patrol save the town, it was a treasure chest holding tiny pebbles guarded by pirates, a force field protecting a space ship. It came with us to the park, grocery shopping, and even out to dinner one night. I loved that it had its own little satchel and assumed it just went to a playset.

Clearly, neither of them knew about its true function, which explains quite a lot about how the unaware father let his happily ignorant son take the menstrual cup to school. Sothishappened2 continued: Fast forward to this morning and as we’re getting ready for school. Alexa reminds us that it’s show and tell today at school. So my son grabs his little silicone cup and off to school he goes. I pick him up after school and his teacher asks to speak with me. My son looks happy so I figure he’s not in trouble, or if he is in trouble he did something cheeky that he’s proud of. Well, well, well. Little did he know he was in for the most embarrassing conversation ever.


He shared that their conversation went something like:

Teacher: Ben’s show and tell was... Interesting.
Me: Yeah! It’s cool, right? We’ve been playing with that thing for days.
Teacher: Uh, Mr. Scott, do you know what that is?
[I start to panic - oh sh*t, it’s not a toy...]
Teacher: That is a, uh, menstrual cup.
[I get confused.]
Teacher notes my confusion: it’s um, used to collect menstrual blood...
[I’m still confused.]
Teacher: it uh, goes inside, and uh... Collects blood
Me: It just... Stays in there?
[She nods.]
Me: Are you sure? I don’t think that would, uh, fit... Too, uh... Comfortably... There.
Teacher: Oh, it folds in half then springs open inside....
We’re both clearly uncomfortable.
Me: Alright then... So where do I get a replacement because my wife will probably not be too pleased when she returns home and will not want to continue using this one.

If you were wondering what his wife thought about the incident, he shared: My wife laughed hysterically when we told her. My son is none the wiser and is having a tea party with the cup right now. All's well that end's well, we suppose.

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