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Dad hilariously teaches toddler important rules of fighting and it has the internet in stitches

Kids often get involved in fights with others of their age from time to time and this dad is setting some ground rules that his son needs to follow if he ends up fighting.

Dad hilariously teaches toddler important rules of fighting and it has the internet in stitches
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @ther0bb0s

Parents have the responsibility of teaching little kids the importance of having healthy arguments with people around them. No matter the age, disagreements happen between human beings and there is a way to handle them responsibly. This dad wanted to teach his toddler how to defend himself in daycare in the best way possible. People are having a gala tome hearing him trying to teach the rules of "fighting" to his young son.

Image Source: TikTok | @ther0bb0s
Image Source: TikTok | @ther0bb0s

@ther0bb0s is a family channel where the parents often share the playful shenanigans of their two sons and daughters. In one of their popular videos, the dad is seen instructing his son on some ground rules that he needs to follow if he is going to fight with his dad. The toddler is attentive and repeats each rule carefully after his dad. The first rule to keep in mind is that the toddler is not allowed to kick his dad during the fight. The toddler repeats the strict no-kicking rule after his dad.

The next rule is pretty important because it can end up causing major lifelong injury. "No punching in the doodle," the dad tells him and the little boy repeats after him again. For those who got confused, the dad has told his son never to hit someone in their private parts while playing and fighting. The third rule he needs to follow is that he can't engage in a fight with his daycare buddies. Last but not least, the dad delivers a well-recognizable line from the film "Fight Club" and that is "no talking about fight club." As soon as the dad finishes telling him the rules, the toddler springs into action and probably lands a punch on his dad off-camera.

Image Source: TikTok | @ther0bb0s
Image Source: TikTok | @ther0bb0s

Fellow TikTok users who came across this video wrote one thing in common and that is how this father and son moment made people reminisce about an iconic scene from Brad Pitt's 1999 crime thriller "Fight Club". Like Pitt's character, the dad lists down the rules of the mini-fight clubs of toddlers. @jamieaussie81 wrote, "My 15-year-old son is 6'4. I just added the no punching in the doodle rule after seeing this." @tiarna053 commented, "The no fighting at daycare is so nice to hear from an educator point of view. I wish parents understood how to communicate boundaries properly." @cd_peters joked, "I can imagine the call home when he goes 'me and daddy like to wrestle, but he said I can't punch his doodle and I can't talk about it at daycare.'"

Image Source: TikTok | @homan031
Image Source: TikTok | @homan031

@rachel589 mentioned, "As a 15-year veteran working in child care, thank you for putting that distinction in a lot of parents don't teach them boundaries." @krawhoo informed, "Studies have shown that rough play/horsing around increases children's confidence and control. It's so sweet." @ohbearoverthere added, "I think you need one more rule on when the fight begins 'cause bro, he got you when you weren't ready." added, "Man, I love this. I'm going to do this with my daughter when she's old enough. Girls need this too." It seems like the dad took notes from the audience and edited some scenes of the "Fight Club" film with his son giving the voiceover to narrate the house rules and posted the second video to entertain the viewers.

You can follow @ther0bb0s on TikTok for more fun family videos.

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