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Dad hilariously live-tweets son's attempts to sneak a girl in and out of the house

Twitter user Tricky Deez was curious who his son had smuggled into their home at night and how he planned to get her out.

Dad hilariously live-tweets son's attempts to sneak a girl in and out of the house
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @GhostOfTrickyD

Editor's Note: This article was originally published on April 6, 2021. It has since been updated. 

A teenager who lives with his parents was in the center of the Twitter spotlight a few years ago after his stepdad hilariously live-tweeted his attempts to sneak a lady friend into his room and then eventually out of it. It appears that the 18-year-old had managed to smuggle his friend in but she left her white shoes by the door, which complicated matters. While the teen's stepdad sat back and watched the fun, the boy's mother had no clue and his stepdad wasn't going to offer her hints. The stepdad, who goes by Tricky Deez on Twitter, had no plans to help his stepson either. Here is the thread that was the toast of Twitter in 2019.    

1. There's a girl upstairs


2. Mom has no idea


 3. Mystery of the white shoes 


4. Logistics issue


5. Window of opportunity


6. Stepdad won't help him out


7. Trouble looms large


8. Twitter roots for the young boy


9. Waiting game


10. This movie might disappoint, says stepdad


11. Aaaaaand drama!


12. Mom stays mum


13. He came for the shoes!


14.  Love always finds a way


15. ...and the bird has left the cage


16. Mom knew all along!


17.  Ok, she didn't know everything


And that was that. After a few Twitter users gave him grief for not helping his partner clean, but he added that he helps with cooking.


That's one Twitter thread the family is going to be recounting at every Thanksgiving dinner.

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