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Dad hilariously explains to his kids why emotions are like farts and it's on point

This dad knows exactly how to break down the complexities of several emotions to his kids and he does it by tossing out some of his best dad jokes.

Dad hilariously explains to his kids why emotions are like farts and it's on point
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @lockehaman

Trying to understand human emotions can be tricky. Most of the time society considers showing your emotions as a sign of weakness. Those who are concerned about pleasing people before prioritizing their own well-being, often suppress their emotions and it ends up corroding an individual from the inside. It is important for all of us to understand ourselves first by analyzing our emotions and learning more about them. Podcaster Locke Haman (@lockehaman on Instagram) has an interesting take on how to explain emotions to our kids.

 Image Source: Instagram | @lockehaman
Image Source: Instagram | @lockehaman

Locke Haman, who is a life coach and the podcast host of "Trail Blazers and Chain Breakers", shared the video on his Instagram page where he often creates content to help people reevaluate gender roles and family conditioning. In some of his videos, he also addresses societal expectations, self-sabotage and many more things that hold people back from living their lives to the fullest. His viral video with over 5 million views is all about Haman making a funny but rational comparison between farts and emotions and how people often tend to hold them back from getting released.

"Emotions are like farts and this is the best way I've heard to explain emotions to my kids. It's funny so it's memorable. It's also true," the dad says at the beginning. "Emotions are like farts because it hurts when you hold them in. Some can clear the room, sometimes they are silent and sometimes you let them out too aggressively. Sometimes you can make a mess too." Haman continues his comparison and says whatever form fart or emotions take, they are natural and people need to let them out.

 Image Source: Instagram | @lockehaman
Image Source: Instagram | @lockehaman

"I'll be happy with my parenting legacy if my kids go through their lives with my voice in their heads. Maybe rolling their eyes, maybe smiling and hearing me remind them that emotions are like farts," Haman concludes. He further elaborated on the caption of his video which read: "Nothing like a bad dad joke to teach your kids (or adults) about emotions. I've struggled as a parent to let my kids feel their emotions. Usually, I'd try to fix whatever problem caused it, and if that didn't work, I'd resort to not-too-diplomatically informing them that they had nothing to be upset about. Emotions need to come out. My inability as a father to handle my kids' emotions was about me, not them. I give them a space to process much quicker than shutting them down."

His silly dad's advice did resonate with a lot of people online as they poured in their personal thoughts about this topic in the comment section of his video. Some wrote how farts might be embarrassing to be let out in public but we shouldn't treat our emotions in the same way. Others admitted being "emotionally constipated." @jcruzee wrote: "I hear my dad’s similarly sage words every time I’m holding my emotions in: it’s better to let it out and ease the pain than hold it in, and bust a vein. this applies to farts and tears." 

Representational Image Source: Pexels | Mart Production
Representational Image Source: Pexels | Mart Production

@jayjayrg joked: "I’m a therapist and have an ungodly amount of gas. This is pure gold and I will be using this very soon, probably tomorrow." @sillycaucasiongirllikes added: "You know what’s interesting about that analogy, you can mostly control your farts by controlling what you eat. You can mostly control your happiness/unhappiness by what your mind consumes. Additionally, it could also make sense in most scenarios that if you try to control your farts with medications, it’s like trying to control your emotions with drugs or alcohol." Well, Haman's words of advice might have sounded hilarious but they were nothing less than facts.

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