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Dad buys and hides big seashells on beach trips to see daughter's joy when she finds it

Endri Laska, a dad of four, has become a beloved dad on the internet because of his small but sweet gesture for his daughter.

Dad buys and hides big seashells on beach trips to see daughter's joy when she finds it
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @endri_laska_

The relationship between a dad and his daughter is one of a kind. He is the first to kiss you, remember birthdays, and call you when you are at your lowest. They are also the kings of spontaneous surprises.

Consider Endri Laska, who has become one of the internet's favorite dads because of a small but sweet gesture to cheer up his daughter. His wife and mom of four, Erisa Mullai, revealed to PEOPLE that Laska follows a quiet tradition for their only daughter.

"Every time before we go to the beach, my husband buys a big seashell and hides it in the sand so my daughter thinks she found it. Her face is priceless every single time," Erisa wrote in the text overlay of a now-viral video.

 Image Source: Instagram / @endri_laska_
Image Source: Instagram | @endri_laska_

The father and daughter are seen sifting through the sand on the beach in the TikTok video that @erisa_laska posted. The little girl excitedly exclaims at the rare discovery as her dad smiles beside her. She carefully picks up the shell that's bigger than her hands while her dad marvels at it, saying, "Wow, no way!"

Her dad surprising her with a seashell every time they go to the beach is a genius way to instill confidence and validation. Can you imagine going to a beach and getting lucky every time you dig through the sand? If you feel you are lucky, then you are lucky, and their daughter will grow up thinking she is because luck follows belief, especially while looking for seashells.

 Image Source: Instagram / @endri_laska_
Image Source: Instagram | @endri_laska_

Commenters loved this secret tradition, and some even had their magical ideas to share. "Stop it this is so sweet," said @krystianatiana. "I guarantee when she’s older she’s going to cherish these memories even when she finds the truth. She’ll look at her children and remember what her father did to make her happy and want to do similar stuff for hers," shared @corbin_streck.


However, Laska is not the only dad who surprises his daughter with hidden seashells. In a TikTok video, @hey.its.mikki shared a beautiful memory from her childhood. The 59-second video shows her kids searching for shells on the beach with their grandfather, who buries several seashells into the sand before every trip.

The TikToker added that when she was a little girl, her dad would take her seashell hunting, and he would stop by a souvenir shop to buy a whole bag of shells. She said in the video, "He always made adventures fantastical, and I'm still learning the extent of it."


She revealed in the video that she became aware of the secret when she was 32 years old and said that he is now doing the same for his grandchildren every time they go on a beach trip. Dads are the jewels of our lives, and these videos are a living testament to this fact. Many people on TikTok commented on how a father's love and effort add meaning to our lives.

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