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Dad has the most epic response to a comment nitpicking about his parenting style

When a commenter indirectly disapproved of a dad's decision to give his child an iPad, the father came up with a hilarious reply.

Dad has the most epic response to a comment nitpicking about his parenting style
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @thebrilliantdad

With the advent of technology, parents are using smart methods and devices as a pastime and as a method of learning for their children. However, there has been an ongoing debate about whether these devices are recommended for children at such an early age or not. However, a dad (@thebrilliantdad) silenced the debate with his hilariously iconic response. Shared on an Instagram reel, the dad’s epic reaction to a comment was top-tier. It is the apex of the dad mode and has parents applauding. The dad shared the comment along with the video which read, “If you give your kid an iPad, somebody else will raise your kids.”

Image Source: Instagram| @thatbrilliantdad
Image Source: Instagram|@thebrilliantdad

The dad filmed a parody video in response to the comment and created a flawless dad joke out of it. Taking the comment in its literal meaning, the dad asked, “Is that how it works?” With a huge gasp, he immediately sprang off his chair and went straight to his toddler son who was lying on the couch. The child who was reading a book like a decent kid was shocked to see his father and what followed. The dad immediately flung the book off his son’s hands. With the added sound effects and slow motion, the video was elevated in his humor. He then placed an iPad in his kid’s hand who was now giggling away. “Take that, okay?” the dad said to his kid. He then carries his kid and is seen going off somewhere.

Image Source: Instagram| @thebrilliantdad
Image Source: Instagram|@thebrilliantdad

As the father-son duo comes in front of the camera, the dad is seen bidding his kid goodbye at the doorstep of another person since the boy now has an iPad in his hand. The dad was trying to give off the literal impression that he has given his kid the device and expects someone else to take him in and “raise him.” “You’re gonna live with someone else now,” the dad said, striking a fake and hysterical empathy. “As long as you have this, you’re gonna be just fine,” he added, pointing to the camera. There came the sound of a door unlocking and opening and the dad, in full drama, looked up as if he was looking at someone. “Yes, he’s for you,” the dad said as turned around and walked away.

Image Source: Instagram| @thebrilliantdad
Image Source: Instagram|@thebrilliantdad

He said his goodbye and hilariously began to jump victoriously, leaving the viewers in a burst of laughter. The dad sarcastically wrote in the caption, “Why did no one tell me this before! Also, who is this ‘somebody?’”  Parents were bawling in laughter at the dad’s savage reply and couldn't help but cheer him on. @shaynamaydela joked and said, “That ‘somebody’ would be Ms. Rachel, of course.” @gingerolivernb shared a friendly caution saying, “You're funny! But seriously… it’s not so bad when they are little but wait till they get older … the internet is a bad place for tweens. As much as you try to monitor what they see and hear, crap gets snuck in.” @tuffdadstuff joked and said, “For free, too? Sign me up.” @scarlet7474 said, “This is hilarious!”

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