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Dad goes viral for sharing daughters' makeup experiments, other dads join in

Father Brad Cubbie got made over by his daughters, and other dads wanted to share their own makeovers as well.

Dad goes viral for sharing daughters' makeup experiments, other dads join in
Image Source: Bcube40 / Twitter

Meet Brad Cubbie, the father who went viral on Twitter for sharing a photo of his newest makeup look. Well, it wasn't exactly his; Cubbie's daughters, Khloe, 10 and Braleigh, six, received makeup as presents for Christmas and of course, they needed a model to test their skills. The now-viral sensation may not have volunteered enthusiastically, but his daughters evidently had a grand time playing with him and their new Christmas presents. When his photos gained a lot of traction, other fathers from across the world decided to join in, sharing their own photos from their kids' makeup experiments gone wrong, Good Morning America reports.


His first photo was a simple one. Cubbie can be seen with bright lipstick, blue eyeshadow, and pink blush on his less-than-enthused face. For some reason, there is neon pink blush on his nose and forehead as well, probably the latest makeup trend that has not caught on just yet. We'll probably be seeing this look all over Instagram soon enough. He captioned the image, "Welp... My daughters got makeup for Christmas." An upside-down murder smile emoji in the caption truly highlighted his excitement. Soon enough, other fathers (and even grandfathers!) joined in on the photo wagon.


Daughters reminiscing about the moments they spent with their dads were also common responses. One Twitter user replied with an old photo of her and her sister giving their dad a makeover. She wrote, "This will be something your daughter will remember forever! Way to be a great dad Here is a throwback of my lil' sister and I making over our dad!" Wives, too, recounted moments when their husbands were just all-round stand-up fathers. "For Christmas two years ago my hubby allowed my teen daughter to practice her makeup and drag him up," a wife shared, attaching a photo of the occasion. "It's all she wanted for Christmas. He even wore a matching outfit."


In an interview with Good Morning America, Cubbie shared his thoughts on his daughters' Christmas gift. After all, makeup can be a controversial present for young girls. He said, "I'd tell them, 'You don't need makeup. You're so pretty without it.' Just being a dad. And their mom, said, 'It's just for fun.'" When his youngest asked if she could make him over, the father thought it wouldn't be too bad: "I thought it was going to be a little blush, but she was serious."




Now, Cubbie has no regrets. Not only was he happy to spend time bonding with his daughters, but he was also amazed to see all the responses he received from other dads like him. He stated, "To see how many people it's reached and how many dads, it's become a thread people really enjoy." He has since started an Instagram page to document his children's adventures, including his four-year-old son Kanen's shenanigans. Cubbie added that his daughter Khloe and Braleigh look up to their mom, Amber Burns, who is the stylish one in their family.


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