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Dad fakes being fooled by his children to make them laugh in wholesome video

This wholesome family video has garnered more than 140,000 upvotes and 1400 comments and it has made people shed tears of joy for this family.

Dad fakes being fooled by his children to make them laugh in wholesome video
Cover Image Source: Reddit | mindyour

Dads are the ultimate heroes who do not wear capes. Sometimes they let us win in board games and at other times, they play along with our pranks so that we can have a good laugh. Recently, a Reddit user u/mindyour took to the subreddit r/MadeMeSmile to share their video, which was captioned, "Being a dad means sometimes making a fool of yourself for their enjoyment." In the video, a man is seen opening the door to his home and sees a pyramid of paper cups made by his kids. But his wife tells him to enter again and play along with the prank. This time, she calls their kids and as the man enters again, he falls down into the pyramid of cups and the whole family shares laughter together. In the video, one can see the kids' faces beaming with joy. 

Reddit | u/mindyour
Reddit | u/mindyour


This wholesome family video has garnered more than 140,000 upvotes and 1400 comments. Reddit users were quick to express their love for the adorable video. u/Lelio-Santero579 wrote, "Ooh, that made me cry because it reminded me of when my oldest son was little. I was still married at this point and in the Army. I had a really shit day. I failed my first-ever PT test. I got home and I could clearly see my wife and son hiding very poorly behind the couch. At that moment, as exhausted and upset as I was, I decided to play along. After I fell into the ball pit my son ran out screaming "gotcha gotcha" and jumped into my lap while I was still in the ball pit and gave me the most loving hug ever I just started crying."

Reddit | u/mindyour
Reddit | u/mindyour


u/QCUFC, wrote, "Being the in-house clown is 100% part of being a dad. One of the best parts." u/professorstrunk commented, "They did an impressive job balancing all those cups! You know dad was proud to take the fall for their enjoyment." u/BallerChin wrote, "Lifetime happy memory… check!" u/spyson had an interesting prediction, "Lol that video is going to be shown every holiday for the rest of their lives. They'll eventually get sick of it, but after their dad gets old or dies then it'll make them ugly cry." u/VidE27 wrote, "3 boys. As someone who grew up with two other male siblings also close in age, I feel them and am quite surprised with how tidy their place is."

Reddit | u/mindyour
Reddit | u/mindyour


While u/Life-Aide9756 added their own experience, "That’s awesome! I have 3 boys as well… they keep “ambushing” me when I get home from work with squirt guns. Still planning a garden hose revenge. u/kcdee63 appreciated the parenting style and wrote, "Such a kind and loving dad. Created another cherished childhood memory. Dad, you're adulting right, and parenting spectacularly good." u/minty_broth36 added, "What a happy family. I want to have a family as happy as this in the future."

u/devnullb4dishoner wrote, "Many are fathers. Few are dads. That has to be the most wholesome moment I’ve seen in a very long time. That’s how you dad right there. Let’s not forget about a mom who was a coconspirator with these rapscallions. That little bit right there, the innocence of it all keeps my hope for humanity alive. To the OP’s family, cheers to you for fostering that kind of wholesome environment."

We loved this video as much as everyone and it could not have been more wholesome!

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