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Dad deviously gets toddler to admit he loves him more than his mom and it's hilarious

A father playfully asks his toddler who loves more, his dad or his mom, and the toddler answers in the most adorable way.

Dad deviously gets toddler to admit he loves him more than his mom and it's hilarious
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @austingeter

The love that is shared between parents and their children is something that is truly great. It is one of the most pure and real human bonds that we can observe. Instagram dad Austin Miles Geter (@austingeter) knew that his son loved both of his parents, but wanted to get some more information from him. The adorable video has got 245K views and 26,590 likes on the social media site.

Image Source: Instagram | @austingeter
Image Source: Instagram | @austingeter

At the beginning of the video, we see Geter holding his son in his arms and asking him, "AJ, you love your dad, don't you?" The cute toddler smiles at the camera for some time before he makes a sound that confuses the dad. He assumes that he loves him and asks him if he loves his mom. Upon hearing this, the baby zones out a bit, having been distracted by something else.

Image Source: Instagram | @austingeter
Image Source: Instagram | @austingeter

Geter reiterates the question to which the boy gives out the most adorable "Yeah" while smiling at the camera. The dad proceeds to ask him, "So, is it safe to say that you maybe just love your dad a little bit more than your momma?" The toddler does not reply quickly, so the dad asks him the question again. After some time, he answers that he does, in fact, love his dad more than his mom, which gets the dad laughing.

He reassures him, "Ok, well, I won't tell her." The father tells his son that he loves him. The video concludes with both of them going to his mother so that the boy can tell his mom that he loves her. People absolutely loved the cute video and put down their thoughts in the comments section. @viviangreen_ said, "We're in the 'Yeah' phase now. The response to everything will be 'yeah.'"

Image Source: TikTok/@minneesday
Image Source: TikTok | @minneesday

The dad's gentle communication in the wholesome interaction was something that all parents can learn from. But toddlers need not always be calm and easy to deal with. Adelynn Minnee (@minneesday) shared an important video highlighting the importance of learning to communicate in a gentle manner with a toddler. In her video, she discusses how parents could take things away from a toddler's hand without triggering a tantrum.

Image Source: TikTok/@minneesday
Image Source: TikTok | @minneesday

The video is captioned, "Parenting can be challenging, especially when we're in a hurry. However, by consistently practicing these strategies, you'll gain valuable insights into what works best for your child's unique temperament and needs. When communicating with your child, it's essential to connect with them effectively. Try to get down to their eye level, make eye contact and then make your request. This approach fosters better understanding and cooperation."

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Her video kicks off with a text overlay that reads, "How to remove item(s) from toddlers without triggering a tantrum." We see her daughter holding a tablet, which is clearly unsafe as she could damage it any second by throwing it or smashing it. Instead of snatching it away, Minnee takes a more careful approach and asks the girl, "Can mommy have this?" The mother also added that using fewer words in such scenarios would be helpful.

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