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Dad dedicatedly showing up with an umbrella in the rain to pick up adult daughter is heart-melting

A parent's love can never wither no matter the age of their child and this daughter shared heartwarming evidence of the same.

Dad dedicatedly showing up with an umbrella in the rain to pick up adult daughter is heart-melting
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @jasminelhr

Parenting has no expiry date. No matter the age, position or success of a child, parenting does not end. Parents look out for their adult kids in infinite ways and no achievement or money can make up for the care and love they provide. A woman named Jasmine–who goes by @jasminelhr on Instagram–shared a heartwarming reminder of just that. She posted a video of her dad looking out for her in the most adorable way. She mentioned that despite being a fully grown adult and mom, her dad still has her back and it’s a tear-jerking moment to witness. 

Image Source: Instagram| @jasminelhr
Image Source: Instagram| @jasminelhr

“Almost 30 and already a mom, but my dad still picks me up with an extra umbrella at the bus stop whenever it pours,” Jasmine exclaimed. The woman captured her old dad walking through the puddles and making his way to his daughter with another umbrella. The rain was profusely pouring, but even then, the dad ensured he came to pick up his daughter. As the duo met each other, they began to walk back together, making her heart full with such a warming gesture.

Jasmine pointed out that he was “soaked” from walking in the heavy rain, but for him, it was nothing more than his duty. He gladly showed up to greet her at the bustop. She may have felt like a child again seeing her dad look out for her endearingly. She further added that like she were a kid, her dad pointed out to her the slippery areas and puddles so she could avoid them while walking. “Telling me to watch my step because it’s slippery and I’m pregnant,” she wrote. Truly, for parents, their children will always be their babies no matter how much they grow up. People were moved to tears at the idea of having a parent one can turn to when adult life gets messy. 

Image Source: Instagram| @jasminelhr
Image Source: Instagram| @jasminelhr

@shabitahdeiwi wrote, “That’s because, to him, you’re still his little girl.” @pauloruder added, “He is a good man. Treasure him while he is around. You must be proud to have him as a dad.” @shhrblsndr mentioned, “How lucky you are to still have your dad waiting for you. Mine was gone already. Treasure your old man. I miss mine.” Many even shared their experience with their parents and expressed gratitude. @exhorizons recalled, “Our dads are the silent heroes. Years ago, when I had a flat tire, I called my dad, who turned up in 15 minutes and changed my tire without saying a word. Thank you, Papa.” 

@j3mamajuan_ added, “Daddy forever. I’m 39 and my dad takes me to work! I’m grateful for every day he’s around and hope the old stays healthy always.” @rosaida06 wrote, “I’m 43 and my dad, 77, still loves to drive me around... he says [it] keep his brain alive.” @fairul_hashim exclaimed, “No matter what, daddy will always give their full love to their daughter. I know because I’m a dad and have three daughters.” @matthewlimch remarked, “In the eyes of the parents, their child is still a child, always precious in their hearts.”

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