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Dad breaks down in tears as he sees his daughter getting engaged: 'A dad's love and pain'

The father can be seen getting emotional as his daughter's boyfriend goes down on one knee to propose.

Dad breaks down in tears as he sees his daughter getting engaged: 'A dad's love and pain'
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @dallasripley

Girls are always their father's "little princesses" and when it's time for their daughters to get married and move on with their partners that's the most difficult yet beautiful time for dads. They clearly know that their children have to move on but it is difficult for dads to let them go because they have brought them up with so much love and care. In a heartwarming video posted by Dallas Ripley—who goes by @dallasripley on TikTok—a dad was extremely emotional seeing his daughter get engaged to the love of her life.

Image Source: TikTok/ @dallasripley
Image Source: TikTok | @dallasripley

Ripley's boyfriend can be heard asking, "Question" and she says, "No you're not." She keeps her hand on her face and starts crying while her boyfriend says, "I love you more than anything in the world." Looking at her daughter, the dad who is standing in the back also looks quite emotional.

Her boyfriend then goes on his knees and says, "Dallas Ripley, will you marry me?" She nods her head and then responds, "No you're not." He puts the ring on the finger and hugs her. Meanwhile, the father turns around and starts crying, someone can be seen consoling him. The video ends with the couple kissing each other and the father wiping his tears.

Image Source: TikTok/ @dallasripley
Image Source: TikTok | @dallasripley

The video went viral with about 416k views. It is captioned, "The best day of my life!!! My dad steals the show for sure in the back. Cannot wait to marry the love of my life." People found the dad's response extremely sweet. "Dad's realizing his baby girl has reached another milestone. Oh my gosh, sobbing," commented @sarah.marie.journey.

"Your daddy loves you with every ounce of him. That sweet man" expressed @jennyfromthestovetop. "A daddy’s love and pain, all in one. Daddy’s happy but heartbroken at the same time," said @planoguy. "Awwww how precious! Your dad was soaking in that moment and it hit his soft spot! Congratulations to you all!" said @cammochicl228.

Image Source: TikTok
Image Source: TikTok

In another video, Ripley showed her beautiful diamond-studded engagement ring and goes on to talk about her dad. "He is someone who is very special to my life and yes he was the first person I hugged right after, don't worry he got a big old hug." She continues, "My fiance did ask his permission, my mother's permission and my brother's permission several months beforehand but he just didn't tell everybody when it is happening because he wanted it to be a complete and total surprise and I was in total shock. Thank you for all the kind words that you guys have been leaving."

Image Source: TikTok/ @dallasripley
Image Source: TikTok

@curlyboriqua commented, "It’s such a gorgeous ring! You are loved and adored! Congratulations." @chinita0511 expressed, "I love that he asked for your hand in marriage, that man loves you and respects your fam." @mcmomma1315 said, "Awww Dal! You went viral! So happy for you guys!" Dad-daughter moments like these are what really show the true emotions of a parent and how much love they have for their children. It will become a sweet memory that the woman will probably share with her kids in the future.

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