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Dad beams with joy while introducing his baby daughter on their first flight together

The dad could not be more proud to introduce his baby girl to the passengers as they embarked on their first flight with him as the pilot.

Dad beams with joy while introducing his baby daughter on their first flight together
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @_hdtv_

Parents are often keen to introduce their children to others. The joy of a tiny version of themselves, growing uniquely, compares to nothing in the world. There is no perfect situation to introduce a child, which they usually do in any random scenario. Hannah Duncan shared an adorable video of her husband proudly introducing their baby daughter Ellie to a group of people on a flight. Ellie’s dad is a thriving young pilot and finds a wholesome way of introduction. The pilot was gleefully holding her in his arms as he greeted the passengers.

Image Source: Instagram| @_hdtv_
Image Source: Instagram| @_hdtv_

“She’s got the controls and I’ve got the pedals,” the dad proudly joked. He then moved over to make an announcement. “Hey, this is your first officer Ben and I’ll be taking us to Denver today." However, he scooched in a little personal announcement of his own. “Joined with us here today is little miss Ellie Rose,” he remarked. The dad also mentioned that Ellie is his daughter, which is why the flight was special to him. “This is her first flight with me as her pilot, so great memories for me,” he continued. The passengers on board were glad to welcome little Ellie and cheer the father-daughter duo in their moment. The dad went on to share a gentle disclaimer about his little girl. He said, “Good news is 90% of the time she is giggly bad news is 10% of the time she has some serious pipes.”

Image Source: Instagram| @_hdtv_
Image Source: Instagram | @_hdtv_

He hilariously added, “I really hope you do get the 90%, if not, blame the mother. Enjoy the flight, we’ll see you soon.” Duncan also shared a picture of Ellie and her dad at the cockpit, where he’s proudly holding her as she stands on his lap with the biggest smile. The tiny tot posed with her dad in a baby pilot onesie and his pilot cap perfectly worthy of the title her mom gave: “Captain Ellie Rose.” Duncan captioned the video, “Ellie’s 19th flight was extra special because her dad was the pilot.” The passengers and online viewers were smitten by Ellie’s sweet smile and her dad’s pure excitement to be on board with his daughter as the pilot. Many joked about how this would be an experience for the baby to remember while others could not get over the adorable factor of the moment.

Image Source: Instagram| @_hdtv_
Image Source: Instagram| @_hdtv_

@ron.nie24 said, “If she becomes a pilot, she is allowed to say in her resume, ‘I’ve been doing this since I was a baby.’” @meritaapplehead remarked in joy, “Not the tiny captain outfit. I cannot.” @beluga.firewall1642 said, “That's the safest flight you could be in.” @a.mcluckie.girl hysterically said, “Cuteness overload! But also, can I see Captain Ellie’s pilot license? You know, just double checking.” @sincerelychelle exclaimed, “She’s so cute! Look at him beaming like a proud daddy! So adorable!” @ramibaking wrote, “Imagine she becomes a pilot and uses her pipes to sing the announcements.”  @iradastyletz said, “I want the last picture framed!!! Next to the one with her smiling on the pilot seat 30 years later.”

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