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Dad battling cancer walks 50 yards with daughter after she is crowned the homecoming queen

The father of three has been battling cancer for seven years, but he fought against all odds to accompany his youngest daughter after her homecoming crowning.

Dad battling cancer walks 50 yards with daughter after she is crowned the homecoming queen
Cover Image Source: YouTube | WVTM 13 News

Parents always wish to be a part of all the special days in their kids' lives. 47-year-old Brett Yancy is just like any other proud dad who was looking forward to escorting his daughter during her homecoming. However, this father of three from Alabama has been battling esophageal cancer, which made it challenging for him to attend his 17-year-old high schooler daughter Sarakate's homecoming event, where she was crowned the homecoming queen, per PEOPLE.

Image Source: Facebook | Sarakate Yancy
Image Source: Facebook | Sarakate Yancy

However, the determined father did not want to miss out on the event last month where he was supposed to make a 50-yard walk down Southside High School's football field with Sarakate by his side. "Honestly, I could feel my heart beating out my chest," Brett's wife, Carrie, told the outlet as she stood at the bleachers witnessing the memorable event unfold. "He was holding my daughter pretty tight, I just kept praying, 'You can make it, you can make it.' Tears just rolled down my face." 48-year-old Carrie revealed how her husband has been battling with cancer for the past seven years.


Carrie shared that Brett didn't even have enough energy to walk from the bed to the bathroom, so she was worried about whether he could make the long walk during the homecoming event. "He had struggled last week to even pick up his left leg, which is why escorting her across the field was a major ordeal," Carrie continued about how she also suggested Brett use a golf cart instead of walking. "I think it was a moment that many will never forget. Our community, friends, and family have prayed so hard for our family. We missed a lot of our girls' high school sports and activities, but they have kept the faith."


"Brett is so proud of what all of our children stand for and the young ladies they have become," she said, adding that they are praying for Brett to "leave behind a legacy of hope, courage, strength and faith someday."

According to WVTM 13, Sarakate was dressed in a beautiful pink dress and carried a flower bouquet as she walked arm-in-arm with her father across the football field. Carrie told the outlet that "there wasn't a single dry eye in the house as Sarakate was crowned the homecoming queen and it gave Brett a burst of energy."

Brett and Carrie, who were high school sweethearts, have spent their time working as teachers and coaches. Brett used to coach football at Pell City, then shifted to Southside and finally at Glencoe. He even coached his daughters in softball and basketball. Their three daughters, Savanna, Sydney and Sarakate, are more than proud and blessed to have their dad coach them. Brett's youngest daughter, Sarakate's, success isn't only limited to her being crowned as the homecoming queen.


She also belongs to the National Honor Society and is a member of the SGA and the Fellowship Of Christian Athletes. An accomplished basketball player herself, Sarakate revealed that she had thought to herself at one point "Wouldn't it be great if I am named homecoming queen just for daddy?" and that is exactly what happened.

"Brett has fought so hard," Carrie added. "He's a true warrior. The news we received at yesterday's doctor's visit was not good, but we are staying strong. We're consulting with doctors to come up with our next course of action."


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