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Adorable dad asks daughter to resend voice note saying 'I love you' after accidentally deleting old one

He listens to it about 20 times a week and was devastated when it got accidentally deleted.

Adorable dad asks daughter to resend voice note saying 'I love you' after accidentally deleting old one
Image Source: Reddit/ahhidkthisusername

The bond between a father and daughter is absolutely wonderful and sweet. One father asking his daughter to resend a voice note of her telling him he loves her is winning hearts on the internet. The story was shared by his daughter. She shared the text message she received from her dad and it was posted on Reddit by ahhidkthisusername. The message from the father reads, "Natalie, I have kept a voicemail from you for over two years. All you did was to call me to tell me you loved me."

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit


Image Source: Getty Images/Luis Alvarez
Image Source: Getty Images/Luis Alvarez


He continues, "I usually listen to it about 20 times a week. This morning, while listening to it I received a phone call and accidentally deleted your voicemail. I am heartbroken and want it back on my phone." He further added, "Please call me and leave me another 'I just wanted to say I love you' message." Natalie said that she did call him and leave him a message as requested and attached a photo of her beloved father. 

It went viral on social media gathering over 113k upvotes on Reddit and hundreds of comments from users moved by this sweet message. Some shared their own similar habits, Reddit user, Bbiron01, commented "As my parents age I’ve done this, along with a video. Of weird things. My mom writing, just so I can see her hands. Remember what her hands looked like. It’s the candid stuff I think you miss the most." Another user, contentboxcat, shared, "A few years ago my grandparents came to visit me. They stayed in a hotel as I didn't have space but every night I would hang out with them in their hotel room and chat. I have a video of my grandma mending buttons on my grandaddy's shirt as we were visiting. So mundane, but I love that I have it and love everything that I've learned from her." 

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit


A third user, starswirling, said, "I feel this. I had a note from my dad that said "I love you" in my wallet for years and I accidentally lost it one day. I'm still devastated." Another user, Dudeinairport, commented, "My mom died in 2018. She made up this song about a dump truck when I was three. I tried to sing it to my three-year-old in 2020 but couldn’t remember the words. I was heartbroken." They added, "Then a year later I was reviewing old voicemail, and my mom had sung the song to me! I was able to download and save it."

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