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Dad and son with Down Syndrome celebrate 11 months cancer-free in adorable dancing video

When two-year-old Kristian was diagnosed with leukemia, his dad decided to dance with him to make his treatment easier. Now, it's become a tradition.

Dad and son with Down Syndrome celebrate 11 months cancer-free in adorable dancing video

Kenny "Clutch" Thomas is a dancer and motivational speaker. More importantly, he's a dedicated father to two-year-old Kristian Thomas, who was diagnosed with leukemia, a type of blood cancer, in June 2018. Kristian already has Down syndrome, which made the diagnosis an especially tough blow on the family. However, Kenny did not lose hope and chose to persevere through his son's treatment with a sense of optimism and joy. The two-year-old shortly began chemotherapy treatment and has now been cancer-free for 11 months. In order to celebrate the momentous occasion, the father-son duo took to social media platform Instagram, where they posted an adorable video of the two of them dancing. The video has since gone viral, The Daily Mail reports.


In the video, the cute pair is seen jamming out to a song by rapper Lil' Mama. The father posted the video stating, "Father-son chemistry. 11 months cancer-free! If we can do it, you can do it! Live free!" The videos of them dancing are a tradition Kenny began years ago when little Kristian was born. The motivational speaker posts the videos at regular intervals in an effort to brighten up their fans' and followers' days. He shared in an interview, "I've been doing these videos and people have been loving them since the first one that I did. I figure why be the dad that's grieving and complaining about his son being in the hospital and his family being in the hospital all day? Why don't I change things up a little bit and let's show people how to be positive in this situation?"


The idea to dance with his son first popped up in Kenny's head when he was thinking about ways to make the chemotherapy process easier for Kristian. That's when he started dancing with him. Soon enough, the duo began filming their little dance sessions. One of the first videos the dancer posted to his Instagram profile was of him and his two-year-old dancing to 'Level Up' by Ciara after Kristian's first round of chemotherapy in July 2018. Following all the positive comments he received on his video, Kenny thought it would be a good idea to share more periodically.


Now, Kenny is known as The Dancing Dad on the social media platform. His videos definitely bring a smile to everyone's faces. He told ABC News, "Music is therapeutic for him and he's always calm when music is on and when someone is dancing. He's always in the studio with me and is always seeing me dance. He is a bundle of joy and ball of fire who is truly inspiring." Soon enough, fireball Kristian will be a year cancer-free!

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