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Dad adorably gets his daughters' drawings tattooed on his entire sleeve and the internet loves it

For people on the internet, the dad is the 'coolest guy ever.'

Dad adorably gets his daughters' drawings tattooed on his entire sleeve and the internet loves it
Cover Image Source: Instagram| @jess_koala_tattoo

For many parents, there is no limit to the love they can give to their children. This love is made visible through vivid and mundane gestures. Sometimes, parents go out of their way to even do the most bizarre things just to show how much they love their kids and how far they're willing to go for them. A dad, Eric did the same when he got a sleeve tattoo. @jess_koala_tattoo shared a post on Instagram revealing the fun, vibrant and super-edgy tattoo the dad got. However, there was no professional artist behind the design. It was a rather special one. Sharing pictures and a video, Eric’s arm was covered with the most random doodles. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels: Sun Ling Ping
Representative Image Source: Pexels: Sun Ling Ping

These were very hastily made, with messy structures and fun and bizarre color themes and elements. “Eric might be the coolest dad ever. He is having his daughters design this sleeve,” the caption read. The drawings were made by Eric’s daughters who came up with mundane yet quirky things to draw. For them, it may have just been a temporary fun space to pass time on but for Eric, he was permanently engraving a core memory that he would cherish for life. The sleeve tattoo had no pattern, no symmetry, nothing prim per se. On the contrary, it had elements drawn in the weirdest shapes, sizes, angles and types.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Cottonbro Studio
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Cottonbro Studio

Starting with a wiggly skinny owl and the messy drawing of a little toddler girl, each shape was simple and adorable. With dots for eyes, lines for hair and more, it was evident that his young daughters were amusingly doing their best to make the drawings as relatable as possible. There was another girl drawn beside the first, presumably representing Eric’s daughters. Along with this, the names “Graci” and “Isabel” were also written in the kids’ handwriting, with different colors. To add to this, his daughters also drew a twisted flower with bright colors on each petal and they finished their signature canvas with a heart that read “Love” at the center and was outlined with 2 shades of pink.

The designs were a clear expression of love and the fun-filled comforting relationship the father had with his girls. The tattoo artist also shared a complete look in a video where all the elements were visible, each placed randomly with absolutely no alignment, just as raw as could be. Though a messy, funny and one-of-a-kind tattoo, Eric will surely be mesmerized more and more by the same as years go by. People were in awe of the dad for bravely choosing to stick with his daughters’ artwork and being a cool dad indeed. @koreykuhl said, “I'm obsessed.” @hktattoo_tina said, “I like the feel.”

Many people even tagged others to share the idea and have them try the same. @sailordune said, “This is some damn good wholesome content.” @deathlily said, “This dude is the coolest.” @mssn_0w said, "Cutest thing. Ever.” Eric even thanked the tattoo artist for acing the work saying, “Jess is the coolest artist ever interpreting their kid art into awesome tattoos.”

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