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Cyclists play friendly game of rock, paper, scissors to decide the winner during final stage of race

The rock, paper, scissors game summed up the high spirits of the UAE team that helped them taste victory during the Tour of Slovenia.

Cyclists play friendly game of rock, paper, scissors to decide the winner during final stage of race
Cover Image Source: Twitter | Eurosport

Rarely do people show support to team members in highly competitive sports. Usually, it is intense and all that players care about is winning the game. However, UAE Team Emirates showed inspiring camaraderie during the Tour of Slovenia in June 2022. In a video that won hearts on Twitter, teammates Rafal Majka and Tadej Pogacar are seen playing a game of rock, paper, and scissors to decide who should cross the finish line first. The two seemed to enjoy the time together at that moment and it didn't seem like it was about winning at all. Having gained a substantial lead over their competitors, the team won the top positions in the game. 


According to Mirror, Pogacar led the general classification ahead of Majka before the 95-mile journey from Lasko to Velika Planina. At that point, the duo was ahead of their competitors with a gap of almost one minute. They then doubled that gap after breaking out 5 kilometers (around 3 miles) before the end of the fourth stage. The Emirates colleagues were so ahead of others that they looked relaxed and had enough time to play a little game of rock, paper, scissors. Majka won and claimed victory in the 94.8-mile Stage 4 ride of the Tour of Slovenia.


"I am very happy with this victory," Majka later said, reports The Washington Post. "I want to thank Tadej and the whole team. We got through the last climb well knowing that Tadej could do better than everyone here, but he still left me the stage win." The rock, paper, scissors game summed up the high spirits of the UAE team during the race and it was evident that it was a team effort because Majka was in lead both in the mountains and points classification whereas Pogacar set the pace in the general.


The video of the pair's friendly finish line game—shared by @eurosport—has gained more than 300,000 views and is captioned, "Rafaj Majka and Tadej Pogacar take a 1-2 at the Tour of Slovenia... decided by a game of rock, paper, scissors!" Many on Twitter appreciated the team spirit among the players. @STradingPost1 wrote, "What a brilliant piece of sportsmanship." @michelvdstam commented, "Who needs a marketing team when you got riders like that! @LinoCatucci wrote, "Bosses!"


Talking about the camaraderie among team members, in another story, a coach shared his toddler's big achievement with his high school basketball team. Coach Josh C shared with his students that his son has started using the potty on his own. The moment was captured in a video and posted on Tiktok. It is captioned, "Daniel started using the Potty! Now he is telling my HS team the great news! Live for moments like this!" 

The coach can be seen sitting on a chair with his son on his lap. He first asks the child, "What did you want to tell the guys?" pointing at the team standing in front of him. He then continues, "Did you go potty by yourself?" The child nods his head and the whole team gives him a loud cheer and applause.

The video has been viewed over 1.5 million times and has gathered over 410k likes. TikTok users enthusiastically reacted to this heartwarming video. @pinkpanther_220 commented: "I love how they waited for the baby’s confirmation on the news lolol." @devthevillian wrote, "My dad was a basketball coach, he used to make his players come to my dance recitals."


TikTok user @sarahbeth890 said, "They are also learning about fatherhood and that is probably the more important skill!" Another user @4xx.ju_ shared, "My dad was the coach of my basketball team and lemme tell you, they were there for every bday and family function we were hosting."

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