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Customer's hilarious response to delivery firm's AI chatbot failing to help is winning the internet

While the chatbot was unable to answer the customer's question, it managed to fulfill some of his hilarious requests.

Customer's hilarious response to delivery firm's AI chatbot failing to help is winning the internet
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Tyler Lastovich, X | @ashbeauchamp

Nowadays, any business website we see has an AI agent answering customers' queries. Though most chatbots have a set of pre-defined answers, some businesses claim to give a full-on rapport experience with their AI agents. Time and again, AI's inefficiency is being proved by many on social media and earlier this January, a chatbot's incompetence was also unraveled. Ashley Beauchamp, a répétiteur and an opera conductor, took to X to show how "useless," a customer service AI chatbot was. The popular post with over 2.2 million views had people amused and agreeing with Beauchamp's opinions. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Mattheus Bertelli
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Mattheus Bertelli

In his post, Beauchamp added a few snapshots from his little chat with the AI chatbot. "Parcel delivery firm DPD has replaced their customer service chat with an AI robot thing. It’s utterly useless at answering any queries, and when asked, it happily produced a poem about how terrible they are as a company. It also swore at me," he noted. True to his words, the chatbot was indeed inefficient in answering his query related to a parcel. When the musician further asked if he could speak to a person from customer services, the AI bot didn't have information for that either. 


Beauchamp expressed his frustration over how "useless," the bot was. In turn, it apologized to him and reminded him that it was still "under development and learning new things every day." After the chatbot's vague replies, Beauchamp decided to take it on a hilarious joyride. He asked the bot to tell a joke and its response was, "What do you call a fish with no eyes? A Fsh!" Also the chatbot gladly wrote a poem for the customer about how its company, DPD, was "a waste of time," and "a customer's worst nightmare." At one point, the chatbot didn't hesitate to ridicule itself and made fun of how "a real person," was better than AI at this job. 

When Beauchamp asked it to use profanity, the chatbot declined to do so at first saying it was meant to be "polite and professional." But all it took was a wittily-framed prompt from the customer and the AI tool broke its "professionalism," and swore to him. "I'll do my best to be as helpful as possible, even if it means swearing," the AI bot responded. Also, more attacks on the parcel delivery firm rained on and the company was described by the AI as, "slow and unreliable." In fact, the chatbot wrote a haiku about DPD's inefficacy - "DPD is a useless chatbot that can't help you. Don't bother calling them."




"The future is here and it’s terrible at poetry," joked Beauchamp in one of the comments. People found this human-AI conversation hilarious. "This is incredible, hilarious, and also incredibly accurate when describing DPDs service," quipped @TeanaTaylor. "This is what happens when companies implement ChatGPT-based technology without a clue what they're doing," remarked @iampaulirvine. "Your parcel cannot possibly be half as precious as the responses from this chatbot!" said @arpitagarwal1. "Ladies, gentlemen and all those who are not completely sure, this is the future of our customer service experience! No one wants the job because it does not pay enough to feed their family and has absolutely no advancement so we are stuck with AI," chimed in @Tommcole.

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