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Customers come out in support of hard-working employee who was told by angry boss to 'just quit'

The couple intervened as the manager scolded a diligent employee who had just helped them at the store.

Customers come out in support of hard-working employee who was told by angry boss to 'just quit'
Cover Image Source: (L) Getty Images/Photo by Tim Boyle; (R) Reddit/TheRabbitTunnel

Retail employees are often treated poorly and get paid very little too. Most of them work double shifts just to make ends meet. Considering the intensive nature of their work, it's important to be courteous when we interact with them and treat them humanely. Reddit user u/TheRabbitTunnel shared a wholesome story involving a couple stepping in to stand up for a hardworking employee at a vitamin shop after they overheard the manager being rude to them. 

Representative Image Source: Getty Images | Tim Boyle
Representative Image Source: Getty Images | Tim Boyle


The post, titled "The best customer I've ever had," has gained over 230 upvotes and 46 comments on the platform. The story begins with a couple in the store asking the employee where they could find calcium, magnesium and zinc. The worker helps the couple out and describes them as being very "kind about it." The couple took two bottles, after which they inquired about where the milk thistle extract was. Unfortunately, the author did not know where it was kept since they had only been working at the shop for a month and six days.

Being friendly people, the couple assured the author that they will look for it themselves. The entire conversation between the employee and the couple was overheard by the manager, James, at the store. He asked what they were looking for and directed them toward the right rack. After the couple paid for everything and began to leave, James started scolding the employee. He accused them of being "worthless" and angrily said they should "just quit." The couple who were exiting the store heard the manager's outburst and decided to intervene.

The employee shared, "They yelled in the manager's face about how helpful I was and how they'd love to come back since the customer service was so good." In addition, the couple also said that the manager should be "ashamed" of his behavior, after which they turned to the employee and said they would be looking out for the worker every time they visit the store. The author ended the post by saying that the purpose of sharing the incident was not to "brag." Instead, it was for fellow retail workers to know that many customers appreciate their work even if their work environment is not ideal. "Don't let a corporate shill ruin your day," the employee concluded the post. 

Image Source: Reddit/Chaos-Octopus97
Image Source: Reddit/Chaos-Octopus97


Image Source: Reddit/MoonlitFatale
Image Source: Reddit/MoonlitFatale

People loved the story and condemned the manager for his unprofessional behavior. u/Putrid_Ad_2256 commented, "Glad that customers were looking out for you. But, the one thing I learned in dealing with customers is not to tell them, 'I don't know' (which works for external and internal customers). Instead, tell them, 'Let me find out for you,' as that will give them confidence in you and demonstrates a willingness to help them. And yes, James sounds like a 'thistle.'" u/Ig_land expressed their support in the comments section, saying, "Hey, f*** that stupid manager of yours. Be proud of your service and your value to that store. Keep going that way, not for the store, but for yourself and your customers. You never know who your next customer might be. I felt like you once in a job, but I kept going; next thing I know, I'm serving drinks to the CEO of one of the biggest companies in my country. He gave me his contact card, and told me to send my CV. Then I got hired to work as a bartender in one of his hotels with like triple salary. You never know."

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