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Customer who accidentally missed tipping server after lunch makes up to her with thoughtful gesture

It's never too late to spread some kindness, even if it means acknowledging your mistake and trying to fix it.

Customer who accidentally missed tipping server after lunch makes up to her with thoughtful gesture
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | cottonbro studios; Facebook | Side Street Pour House and Grill

Leaving a restaurant after heaving a hearty meal and not giving a tip to the servers feels wrong to so many people. Sometimes, the servers depend on these tips as they use that extra money to run their households smoothly. A post on social media has been receiving a lot of attention lately where one gentleman named Ted decided to go above and beyond to ensure his $20 tip reaches the right location and person. Ted, who brought the wrong copy of his credit card while dining at North Carolina's Side Street Pour House and Grill with his wife, couldn't tip the server they intended to. Therefore, he decided to make up for it.


A few days later, the eatery shared a Facebook post with a picture of the letter Ted had sent them along with the $20 he intended to pay as a tip. In the letter, he addressed the server named Hope C. and even apologized to her for not giving an apt tip. The caption alongside the snap of the letter read, "We just had to share this letter from a customer who accidentally took the wrong copy of his credit card receipt with him when he stopped in for lunch with his wife. Unfortunately, this meant their server did not receive the tip they intended to leave her that afternoon. Our servers work hard to give our customers excellent dining experiences and earn their tips, but sometimes, either accidentally (like this example) or intentionally (which is not cool), they find themselves left without."

But the letter along with the $20 tip, meant something special for the server who received it and the restaurant as well. The restaurant called it "a beautiful example of how to do the right thing." They also reminded people coming across the post to leave deserving tips for their servers. Even though there are a lot of debates floating around the internet regarding the tipping culture, the folks on Facebook left their appreciative comments on the post. Teresa Kelly wrote, "Perfect example of an absolute class act. I wish the world was full of this. We'd all be so much better off. Thank you, Ted." Elizabeth Bird added, "Love that! And for Hope, may that put a smile on your face and a spring in your step. It is very hard working in customer service. Here is someone who really appreciated your service."


Many other restaurant patrons have displayed their generosity by giving servers and workers with unexpected amount of tips and some of those tips might have made someone's dream come true as well. In a similar scenario, a 27-year-old theater enthusiast named Clair Rachel Howell was working as a server at a restaurant in the Theater District of New York City when an act of kindness made her day. At the restaurant where she was working, she encountered a bunch of guests discussing a Broadway production. According to Howell's website, she has been pursuing classical voice and opera training and has found her passion in musical theatre acts.

Hence, Howell couldn't resist joining in the brief conversation when she heard the patrons she was serving talk about their plans to see the Broadway production of "Merrily We Roll Along." Howell expressed her desire to watch that particular Broadway show someday, but there was a big hurdle in her way. The cost of the theater show tickets was insanely high and Howell knew she couldn't afford it. But in a heartwarming display of generosity, Howell's dream came true. 

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She wrote about the encounter with those patrons in an Instagram post on her profile (@clairinthecity) and detailed what went down. "So, a magical New York moment happened to me the other day at work," Howell captioned her post, along with a series of pictures that featured a bill, a theater play booklet and Howell's excited face as she attends the musical. She mentioned in her post that her job at the Theater district of NYC means she gets to serve many patrons who come down for a meal or a drink before catching a Broadway show as usual and a stranger's act of kindness fulfilled her dream of watching the "Merrily We Roll Along" musical.

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