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Customer leaves $2,500 tip to support bar forced to close due to coronavirus shutdown

The staff at Coaches Bar and Grill in Ohio were worried about how they would provide for their families next month. This good samaritan stepped in to help.

Customer leaves $2,500 tip to support bar forced to close due to coronavirus shutdown
Source: Instagram/denesanfillipo

The coronavirus epidemic has proven to be a rather difficult time not just for public health, but for many small businesses as well. As public spaces, including malls, bars, and restaurants, have been forced to shut down to help prevent the spread of the deadly illness, several local eateries have had to endure losses in revenue. While they struggle to stay afloat, one kind customer has found a way to help their local bar in Ohio. After ordering their meal at Ohio's Coaches Bar and Grill, this amazing customer left a $2,500 tip when paying the check, CNN reports.

Image Source: Coaches Bar and Grill / Facebook

On any other Sunday, Coaches Bar and Grill in Columbus, Ohio, would be packed with customers and therefore rumbling with business. However, over the past weekend, the restaurant was near empty. This is because of a public directive issued by Governor Mike DeWine, ordering all restaurants and bars in the state to close down for the foreseeable future. The staff of the popular sports bar was hence left wondering about how they would cover next month's rent or provide for their family - both questions that no one should have to worry about. Owner Patrick "Benny" Leonard, too, was concerned about how he would keep his business afloat.


The waitstaff then welcomed a customer, perhaps one of the last guests they would see over the next two weeks at least. The customer ordered a beer and some food. Their bill came up to about $30. They paid and then set off on their way. However, when Patrick and his waitstaff took a look at the tip the customer had left, they were completely floored. The kind guest had handed Coaches Bar and Grill a tip of $2,500. They had also left a note. It read, "Please split this tab equally between Tara, Nicky, Jim, Liz, and Arrun." Clearly, this good samaritan was just looking out for all the folks at their favorite local bar.



In an interview with CNN, owner Patrick shared how overjoyed and relieved everyone was to see the tip. "There were tears of joy among everyone here," he said. "On a day when I've never seen a shutdown like that, I've never seen a tip like that either." The customer, Patrick pointed out, was a regular who attended the sports bar's trivia night every single Wednesday. However, they wished to remain anonymous. It is heartwarming to see that while citizens of the United States fight over the last roll of toilet paper on a supermarket shelf, there are still people out there who are looking out for their communities.


While Ohio is not hit as bad as other states like New York or California, the situation is rather grim. That's why this customer's act of kindness was especially moving. Patrick explained, "You go to the store and we have people fighting over toilet paper. To have a person sitting here and do that, it's amazing. This is where we should all be. The more we have of this, the better the country will roll through these unprecedented times." This customer proved that it's not necessarily every man for himself. When a community works together to take care of each other, we're all healthier, safer, and happier. Coaches Bar and Grill plans to try and stay in business by preparing food for takeout only. However, this will still be a challenging time for the staff. Therefore, the waitstaff has chosen to divide the large tip by all 12 employees who work at the sports bar rather than just the five named in the customer's note. While you may not be able to leave a large tip as this kind customer did, there are other ways to help. Find out more here.


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