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Crowd gathers and waits with bated breath as they watch two women rescue a dog: 'Puppy saved'

The puppy stayed still as two women tried to rescue the dog by using a coat hanger.

Crowd gathers and waits with bated breath as they watch two women rescue a dog: 'Puppy saved'
Cover Image Source: Reddit | @u/PxN13

Editor's note: This article was originally published on December 30, 2022. It has since been updated.

Thanks to two women at a high-end London fashion store, a dog was rescued from falling from the top of the store. In a video uploaded on Reddit, the dog can be seen caught between the store sign and a window. He seems to be calmly sitting at the edge. A crowd is gathered outside the store to watch how the dog will be rescued. That's when a woman from the store comes with a cloth hanger. A person in the crowd can be heard saying, "That's not gonna work." Then says it might work as the dog has a harness on. The woman takes the hanger close to the dog and tries to hook it to the dog's harness. Soon, she is able to hook it into the harness and pick him up. The video has an end caption, "Puppy saved! We doubt dogs will be allowed back into this store until that issue has been resolved." However, the crowd was relieved that the dog was rescued safely.

Reddit | @u/PxN13
Reddit | @u/PxN13


People on the internet were also happy with the rescue. A user said, "The little pup wagging its tail when being picked up was so cute 😂🤍" Another said, "Happened in Bond Street in London." Another user said, "Lucky dog."

In another rescue story, a 1-year-old retriever boxer mix was abandoned by its owner and a woman called Lillian Engelhard came to his rescue and decided to take matters into her hand. She first assessed the situation by sitting in her car and keeping an eye on Baloo. She said, "I was out taking one of my dogs for a walk and we passed a community dog run with a dog in it but no owners in sight." "I thought maybe they ran out of doggie bags and quickly ran to their car to get more, or maybe his owners really did have an emergency of some sort."

Reddit | @u/PxN13
Reddit | @u/PxN13


But she soon realized that he had been abandoned. Engelhard said, "The more I watched him, the more I saw signs that he had been out there for a long time." She added, "It was in the 90s and he looked very dehydrated and overheated. He was pacing and seemed distraught. I knew I had to do something." She also found a note from the former owner as she approached the dog. "It read, 'This dog is not trained!!! *I had to leave him. Please save him (Venom).'"

The woman soon understood that Baloo was a bright pup and has the full capacity to learn more. Engelhard said, "He suddenly lived for learning!" "Within a few days, he could sit, stay, lie down, sit pretty (sitting with both paws in the air), was completely potty trained, understood when he could and couldn't hop up on the couch or bed, did great in his kennel, and more. All he needed was a little bit of patience and for someone to invest in him."


Baloo was then put up for adoption through Lost Our Home Pet Rescue. He is waiting for a home that will understand his background and would continue to work on his manners with patience and consistency. "He's come a long way, but he still has work to do," Engelhard said. "He needs someone committed. In turn, they will get rewarded with one of the best dogs ever. He's taught me how hard work can pay off," she added.

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