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Creator explains how being 'the bigger person' is not always the woman's job: 'Channel rage'

She pointed out how even if a man messes up, women are always expected to be 'the bigger person,' and forgive them.

Creator explains how being 'the bigger person' is not always the woman's job: 'Channel rage'
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @maybeboth

Some aspects of society haven't changed much since the historical times and one among them is equality. In many situations, women are still expected to be the forgiving and tolerant ones no matter how bad a man's behavior is. Being perceived as the ultimate caregivers, women are burdened with being "the bigger person," despite the modern claims of so-called equality. So, to break this cycle, a beauty influencer Anna Kai who goes by @maybeboth on TikTok decided to put forward her perspective. As she explains why women shouldn't bear the weight of being the "bigger person," people couldn't agree more.

Cover Image Source: Instagram | @maybeboth
Image Source: Tiktok | @maybeboth

Kai often talks about unfair societal norms that disrupt women's mental peace and this time wasn't an exception. In her own style, doing flawless makeup so effortlessly, the woman starts laying out her opinions. Kai said that she would be rich by now if she had a dollar for every time someone asked her to "be the bigger person," and forgive a man who messed up her life. "Sometimes, being asked to be the bigger person is a euphemism for allowing bad behavior," said Kai. At one point in her life, Kai realized that "a woman is not responsible for preserving the peace that a man felt entitled to disturb."

Image Source: Instagram | @maybeboth
Image Source: TikTok | @maybeboth

Allowing a man to disrespect you and making him feel good about it wasn't "honorable or noble," in Kai's point of view. "Sometimes, being the bigger person means having to keep ourselves small," Kai pointed out. "Ignoring or allowing a man to act without consequences because we were taught long ago that boys will be boys is only preserving Chad's peace at the expense of our own," she added referring to men with bad behavior as Chad. Men often make disrespectful jokes about a woman and expect her not to be serious about it. But Kai is not ready to allow a man neither to "insult," her nor to ask her to "be the bigger person," and forgive him.

Image Source: Instagram | @maybeboth
Image Source: TikTok | @maybeboth

Deliberating her perspective, Kai confidently asked the women to not let themselves be taken for granted because they are the "better person." She said, "If there's anything I hope you take from this video, it's that you are allowed to be offended when someone offends you and that at the end of the day, being the bigger person should not silence you with being the complacent person." With a dramatic mic drop move, Kai went off-screen and one couldn't help but find how reassuring her take on this matter was. "Sometimes preserving your peace comes at the cost of disturbing the peace," her caption reads.

Image Source: TikTok | @lyss.elle
Image Source: TikTok | @lyss.elle
Image Source: TikTok | @orchidsbudget
Image Source: TikTok | @orchidsbudget

The video garnered nearly 70K views and many women felt empowered by Kai's speech. "You’re helping me so much right now. I’m going through the worst heartache of my life," said @katsnis. "Agreed. Then when you finally react you’re crazy, you never changed, you’re this and that and for me that’s okay," remarked @kellsee1kellsee. "Tired of feeling bad for not being kind after endless excuses and disrespect," chimed in @haleyandhoneybear. "Honestly, I’m going through that. You take the steps and be the bigger person mess right now. So, thanks for validating why I feel it’s not my responsibility to fix what I didn’t break," added @kylaaa1444.

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You can follow Anna Kai (@maybeboth) on TikTok for more makeup and inspirational content.

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