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Coworkers jump into action to save dogs trapped in a burning building

The employees from PSR Mechanical in Seattle sprang into action to rescue over 60 dogs from a burning doggy daycare.

Coworkers jump into action to save dogs trapped in a burning building
Cover Image Source: YouTube/ CBS News

A group of coworkers from PSR Mechanical in Seattle became heroes when they sprang into action to save dogs from a burning doggy daycare. The Dog Resort, located in Seattle's Lake City neighborhood, caught fire, and people could see smoke rising from the building. The employees from the HVAC company immediately ran across the road to the Dog Resort to help their neighbors, who happened to be dogs.

Greg Hagen, one of the employees who joined the rescue operation, described the scene as chaotic. "You could see the smoke pouring out of the building and the noise from the dogs, from the emergency responders, the firefighters, police everybody that was responding," Hagen said. "So, it was a lot of noise, it was chaos. And it was one of those situations where we didn't know exactly what to do, but we knew we had to help."

According to CBS NEWS, Hagen and his coworkers teamed up with other members of the community, including employees from a nearby Mexican restaurant, to help save about 60 dogs. The PSR employees took different roles. Some of them were racing over to the Dog Resort to grab dogs, while others helped secure the yard so that the small dogs couldn't get back out into the street. Also, there were some employees taking care of the dogs, playing with them and making sure they were safe.


The PSR employees corralled the dogs into their yard as firefighters battled the flames. Hagen said that it was good to see the dogs settle in and have fun. "It was like they had been given a new play park. So, they were starting to have fun and run around throughout our yard, and that was very cool to see," he added.

Not only did the PSR employees calm scared pups, but also they helped anxious parents who came to pick them up. Hagen said that parents had taken their dogs to the daycare that morning and were frantic after seeing the news. His team helped reunite pet owners with their beloved dogs. "To see their faces once they saw their dogs, it was very emotional. There were a couple of us that were pretty close to breaking down in tears as well. When you see people show up and see their dog playing in the yard and it's safe," Hagen said.

Fortunately, none of the dogs were harmed in the fire and the PSR employees have been hailed as heroes. Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell visited both PSR and Aceituno's Mexican Food to thank the employees who helped rescue the dogs. He also presented them with a letter of recognition. Hagen said that it was a chaotic moment and he wouldn't want to go through it again, but he and his coworkers are glad that they could help. The story of the PSR employees' heroism in rescuing dogs from a burning building is a reminder of the importance of community and coming together to help others in times of crisis.

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