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Cowboy museum lets security chief handle social media during COVID-19 outbreak, hilarity ensues

Tim, the security chief at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, was shifted to social media management in the wake of the public health crisis.

Cowboy museum lets security chief handle social media during COVID-19 outbreak, hilarity ensues
Image Source: National Cowboy Museum / Instagram

In the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak, hundreds of people have been laid off as they are "redundant." This chief of security, however, has found himself a completely new one. The National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, has been shut down due to the public health crisis. Therefore, no visitors are allowed to enter the premises—including employees in the museum's social media department. Therefore, Tim, the security chief, was tasked with uploading posts on their social media pages, CNN reports. Of course, as one would expect, hilarity ensued. Twitter and Instagram users from across the country have now flocked to the museum's accounts.


On his first day as the museum's social media manager, Tim posted a photo of himself smiling ear to ear and described his responsibilities in the upcoming weeks. As he was new to social media as a whole, he figured it was best to explain why some of the posts may look a little different from the ones that are usually uploaded. "Hello friends, my name is Tim and I am the head of security for The Cowboy. I have been asked to take on the additional duty of social media management while the museum is closed," he wrote. "I’m new to social media but excited to share what I am told is called “content” on all of The Cowboy’s what I am told are “platforms” including the Twitter, the Facebook, and the Instagram. My team and I will also continue to protect and monitor the museum and grounds. Thanks, Tim. We are required to smile in our official photos. Send." Yes, he actually wrote "send." Talk about adorable.



His first post went viral. It has thus far received almost 4,000 likes. Several people have commented, conveying to him that this is exactly what the nation needs as it heals from a deadly virus. Journalist Abigal Ogle wrote, "Tim is the hero the nation needs!" Another user, who went through all his posts, commented, "Everything Tim has posted has made me laugh! Thanks for brightening my day and my quarantine!" One person who worked at the museum posted, "Tim, I’m one of The Cowboy’s Docents. Thanks for checking in. I think I speak for my fellow Docents when I say we miss being at The Cowboy talking with our patrons."


Though patrons can no longer visit the museum, security chief and head of social media Tim has brought the museum to them. In one post, he shared a photo of a special hat on display at the museum and even tried to use hashtags. He stated, "This is the hat and eyepatch the Duke wore in the movie True Grit. They are part of our Exhibition about the 2 True Grit movies called Two Grits. Lots of interesting props and clothes. I’m told I can’t try it on. Hashtag John Wayne. Lucas, my grandson, told me to use hashtags. Thanks, Tim." He may not have been able to use hashtags the right way, but he soon learned how to do so. In his next post, he shared a photo of John Wayne's costume from True Grit and explained, "Thanks for all the tips, Friends. Realize I have been doing the hashtags wrong. I need to use that pound sign from the phone. I’m learning! Here’s his costume from True Grit from 1969 courtesy of John Wayne. Enterprises. #HashtagJohnWayne Thanks, Tim." If this doesn't brighten up your quarantine, you're probably too far down the spiral. Tim truly is the hero we need right now.


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