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Couple share emotional reunion after wife's long bout in the hospital and we're weeping

He was visibly surprised to see her back home and holds onto her hand. Someone from the background says, 'We thought it will be a great surprise.'

Couple share emotional reunion after wife's long bout in the hospital and we're weeping
Cover Image Source: Reddit/u/davidwallacecto

Some videos can bring you to tears just by looking at the people and feeling the same emotions as they felt at that moment. It could be the joy or sadness they were feeling at that moment that strings our hearts. In one such video shared on Reddit by u/davidwallacecto, a husband meets his wife after her long bout in the hospital. He could not stop crying while realizing that his wife is finally back home.

Image Source: Reddit/ u/davidwallacecto
Image Source: Reddit/u/davidwallacecto

In the 42 seconds video, the wife can be seen entering the house and holding her husband's shoulder. Someone says, “Merry Christmas.” She tries to kiss him on the cheek, but he holds back as he does not immediately recognize who is standing behind him. Still, she kisses him on his cheek.

He then turns around to finally look at the person behind him. He is surprised when he sees her and then holds her hand. Someone from the background says, “We thought it will be a great surprise.” He immediately begins to cry uncontrollably and she tries to console him. Throughout the video, the song, “Coming Home” by Diddy ft. Skylar Grey plays in the background. The video has over 12k upvotes. It is captioned, “Husband and wife reunite after wife’s long bout in the hospital.”

People on Reddit loved the reunion of the duo. u/Full_Relief_8618 shared, “I think this is what we all want.” u/MommomRae commented, “I love the fact that at the beginning he’s like don’t be touching me like that I’m a married man.”

Image Source: Reddit/u/davidwallacecto
Image Source: Reddit/u/davidwallacecto

u/ok_Cardiologist6937 wrote, “It’s so beautiful to watch things like this, but also at the same time, you could just tell that he wanted to jump out of that chair, but couldn’t. Regardless. This is the way.” u/double-rainbowland expressed, “Something about his pure joy made him look like a young man again.” u/Few_Highway_412 wrote, “Damn that's beautiful. Everyone deserves that same love from their partner.”

Image Source: Reddit/u/davidwallacecto
Image Source: Reddit/u/davidwallacecto

In another reunion video, a husband surprised his wife by coming home early from his long-haul trucking route a few days before her surgery. "I lost it when he said he was staying the entire week," read the text overlay. When he arrived, his wife was shocked by his unexpected presence, and her emotional reaction was captured in a video. He says, "Tada, I'll see you all week... you are... yeah yeah, alright don't go on the grounds dirty... come here come here."

"I love you, this is not you know, the most exciting moment, but I want to be here with you." he continued. As the video shows, the wife was in complete shock when she saw her husband in the truck. He also gave her a bouquet. After a moment, he comes down from the truck and hugs her. She's seen holding onto him as though she never wanted to let him go. She begins to cry in the video. People have shown their love to this video, "Aweeee. Now I need an update on how the surgery went please." said @Dolphins Rich. @sunnybeamy commented, “That commitment is huge.” @maisiedamule wrote, “Amazing man right there.”

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