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Couple together for 46 years shares they're still excited about 'spending time with each other'

The couple met 46 years ago and since then, have been madly in love with each other. They still want to spend the rest of their lives together.

Couple together for 46 years shares they're still excited about 'spending time with each other'
Cover Image Source: Instagram/meetcutesnyc

Everyone talks about young love. The love that fights battles and is earned after a million efforts. But people barely talk about the love in the mundane and the routine, in the familiarity of people and places and in the ease of knowing it has worked out in the end. This New York couple and their quick chat about their still-going-strong companionship is going to make anyone rethink their idea of a happily ever after and it is beautiful.

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The video first appeared on an Instagram account, meetcutesnyc, which is a page dedicated to showcasing aww-dorable meet-cutes couples in the city. The clip showed an elderly couple strolling through the streets to probably run some errands. That's when a voice behind the camera stopped them to ask, "Would you mind telling me the story of how you first met?" Like a true New Yorker, the man replied, "We're too busy," but the woman obliged and answered. She said she and her husband are both old rock and rollers and met backstage at the Fillmore East. While the man worked there, the woman was merely hanging out at the spot. 

Representative Image Source: Pixabay/Julita
Representative Image Source: Pixabay/Julita


The person behind the camera then went on to ask more questions, "How long ago was this?" The woman paused to think and replied that it had been about 45 to 46 years since the couple first met. "Final questions," the person behind the camera said. He asked the woman, "45 years in, what's your favorite thing about him?" The older woman's joy showed on her face when she replied with nothing but one word: "Everything." She was grinning in love. When the older man was asked his favorite thing about her, he said with a happy smirk on his face, "She puts up with me," which made her laugh out real loud.


When the person behind the camera asked the couple what are they most excited about in the future, they had only one thing to say. It was to be with each other. The woman said, "Spending time with each other," while the man chimed in with a supportive "Yeah." All the couple wants to do now is to spend the rest of their lives with each other. This conversation with the couple showcases just how happy they are with each other, calmly running errands on a random afternoon. It shows the beauty of old love, which has passed the tests of time.

Representative Image Source: Pixabay/Eddie K
Representative Image Source: Pixabay/Eddie K


Their cute story left Instagram users in awe. irenacapris commented: "'We are busy.' 'No, I’m telling our story.' And that’s how they survived 45 years. He didn’t argue with her decisions (laughing emojis)." ashleyoon.violin, who claimed to have known the woman, wrote: "I recognize her! She’s one of the sweetest ladies who always takes care of the kids at an art school in our building! She is always friendly to us Juilliard students as well. I should ask her about her rock n roll times when I see her in the city! Thank you for posting."

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