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Couple surprises everyone at their wedding by serving McDonald's to guests

The couple decided to go for a not-so-usual and quirky catering choice for their wedding reception and stunned the guests, as well as the internet.

Couple surprises everyone at their wedding by serving McDonald's to guests
Cover Image Source: TikTok/@thomasbillaudeau

Wedding dinners are extravagant affairs, with various cuisines. But, this couple from France wanted to try something different and went with McDonald's amazing offerings. Thomas (@thomasbillaudeau) and Ophélie wanted to plan their wedding in such a way that it had their personalized touch all over it. They made a TikTok video showcasing the memorable dinner they arranged for their guests so that they truly get a sense of the couple's culinary preferences.

Image Source: TikTok/@thomasbillaudeau
Image Source: TikTok/@thomasbillaudeau

The couple is from France, and in their native language begin the video by welcoming all the guests. It has been translated into English. Ophélie introduces the surprise by saying, “Thank you very much, and so I’ll let you discover tonight’s meal, the caterer…” Thereafter, a man walked in wearing a McDonald’s uniform, with two large bags of food. Everyone, quickly understood who the coveted caterers were for the event. The bride then ecstatically shouted the fast food chain's slogan, “Come as you are!”

Image Source: TikTok/@thomasbillaudeau
Image Source: TikTok/@thomasbillaudeau

The video quickly grew popular, with many completely taken aback by the gesture, and many considering it a good cost-effective approach. In their interview with People, Thomas shared, how the plan was in place for a long time, "We had the idea because we are big fans of McDonald's and jokingly said when we were younger that we would have McDonald's at our wedding." He added how their close ones were not surprised as they were aware of his and his partner's love for fast food, and knew they would reflect it in their wedding.


Thomas explained how the couple was unable to get all the items on their wishlist, "We only served McDonald's food, including all the burgers from the menu. We didn't serve fries or potatoes to avoid them getting cold and soggy." They also did not depend on the fast-food giant for desserts and instead took the help of a "very talented pastry chef friend" for this pursuit. Their friend supplied the cake and other sweets for the event.


Although the wedding was a small affair with only 45 people in attendance. The couple still felt a bit nervous, that the guests might not like the arrangement, as they might have been expecting a more traditional setup. “We were a little afraid of the reaction of certain aunts and uncles,” Ophélie explained to the French newspaper Le Parisien. “They had a little trouble at first, but everyone ate eventually.” In the end, all the guests were happy.


Thomas does not want to suggest anything to other couples regarding arrangements, he just wishes that every couple approached their wedding as a personal affair. He believes weddings should represent the couple's plans and personality, not other people's expectations. "I believe everyone should do what they want for their wedding as long as there's a good atmosphere and the guests enjoy themselves," he adds.


In his interview with Bored Panda, Thomas clarifies that it wasn't the financial concerns that pushed the couple to take the decision. He again reiterated that it was a way to leave their personal mark on their wedding, "[It’s] something that reflects our personalities and would surprise our guests”.

Image Source: TikTok/@user998555866526
Image Source: TikTok/@user998555866526


Image Source: TikTok/@deecy..g
Image Source: TikTok/@deecy..g


The comment section found the idea appealing. @kiwijello4 appreciated the idea, "I love it and so did your guests based on the reaction. McChicken and some fries, please!!! What a cool wedding. Notice the HAPPY people." @samiam2095 found the idea appealing, "You know what, I’d love this."

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