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Couple posts beautiful message and sense of community shared by their 91-year-old neighbor

This 91-year-old lady was wondering where her dear neighbors disappeared without a word but it turns out they just went away for a vacation.

Couple posts beautiful message and sense of community shared by their 91-year-old neighbor
Cover Image Source: Facebook | Chance's Chance

Kindness is a gift to the world and if done correctly, it makes it a better place to live in. Take the example of an American couple who resides next to a 91-year-old woman in the neighborhood and from the looks of the post they shared in January 2024, the couple always makes sure to take care of the elderly lady with kindness. Recalling one such incident, the page of Chance's Chance posted a picture of the old lady posing with a man, probably on her porch. The post caption is the one thing that is bound to capture people's attention.


"This is our 91-year-old neighbor and my husband. We knocked on her door to get permission to put salt on her ramps, porches and driveway because it was snowing! She was so thankful, but the biggest part was she said, 'I missed you. You were gone for so long.' I immediately broke down in tears! We left and didn't tell her we were going on vacation. I'll never do that again. She's 91, still drives and looks amazing. It's an honor to be her neighbor. This is what I mean by living. This blessed me so much!" the caption of the photograph read.

The post just proved that humanity is still alive after all and people do look out for each other. The post's comment section was flooded with well-wishers in the Facebook community. Coleen Marie Waterman shared a similar experience and wrote, "My neighbor and her husband are both 98. She always tries to pay me when I shovel their walkways. I take a hot cup of tea instead. They give us vegetables from their garden and cookies she bakes. We do the same in return. We always check on them. I love hearing their stories about their lives. It costs nothing to show some kindness and help our elderly neighbors out."


Lindy Vaughan wrote, "I go for walks with my 86-year-old neighbor. She doesn't have a car and her adult daughter lives five hours away, so every once in a while, I take her to Walmart for groceries. She is a hoot and pretty much does and says whatever she wants, all the time." Jamila Wilson commented, "My elderly neighbors are the BEST!!! My fiancé and I automatically do all their front steps and walkways. We also cut and water their grass in the summer." Michele Greene remarked, "This goes to show you that individuals love you more than you think. Slow down and appreciate all the individuals put in your life. God bless! Thank you for being a Great Neighbor."

Vandy Bailey added, "Thank you for being you it's not easy. Sometimes, it takes a lot of perseverance, but so much joy comes out of it caring for human beings. She's lucky to have you and you're lucky to have her." The woman who created the post usually updates the pages with posts about her 24-week and 5-day-old premature baby boy named Chance. "This is the journey of Chance, a micro-preemie who survived in utero without amniotic fluid for a month. Chance is taking the world by force and defeating all odds. After 4 months in the NICU, Chance comes home and meets his family! We’re all adjusting and trying to find our place with our new medically complex addition. My passion is to motivate, encourage & inspire people creatively," the description of their YouTube channel Chance's Chance and Family read.

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