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Couple who sheltered Korean tourists during snowstorm gets welcomed to their country with open arms

Korea Tourism arranged a trip for the couple who provided shelter to South Korean tourists during a snowstorm in Buffalo, New York, in December 2022.

Couple who sheltered Korean tourists during snowstorm gets welcomed to their country with open arms
Cover Image Source: Facebook/Alexander Campagna

Difficult circumstances can often lead to the most heartwarming moments. Last December, a group of South Korean tourists found themselves stuck in Buffalo, New York, during one of the deadliest snowstorms in recent years. The intensity of the storm took everyone by surprise and led people stranded in the beautiful locale. This fate was faced by 10 individuals comprising nine South Korean travelers and one driver.

During this time, Alexander Campagna and his wife, Andrea, came to their rescue and provided them a place to stay till the conditions outside became safe again. The stay led to the creation of a beautiful bond and a promise to host the couple in South Korea. According to The Korea Herald, this promise was recently fulfilled when the Buffalo couple visited the country and was not only hosted by the visitors but also by the government as a gesture of gratitude for their kindness.

Image Source: Pexels | Photo by fauxels
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Photo by fauxels

Campagna and Andrea did not hesitate to provide shelter to the tourists when Scott Park, along with their tourist guide, ended up at their doorstep in order to ask for shovels. In order to make the guests feel at home, the couple showed them the Korean ingredients at home. Parke shared, “We were surprised to see all the Korean condiments from soy sauce and mirin to chile powder and chile paste. There was even a rice cooker and Korean cookbooks as if they had prepared all this for us.” The couple, along with the tourists, stayed together until the storm passed and enjoyed delicious food and stories.


The story garnered a lot of interest and attention on the internet. People lauded the fact that even in such instances of distress, a beautiful bond of friendship can be formed. The couple shared their supplies when people were trying to hoard as much as possible. The fact that the couple remained humane even during a crisis won many hearts. As a result, the Korea Tourism Organization offered the couple an all-expense paid trip of 10 days. It also doubled as an opportunity for the Organization to promote tourism in the country.

Moreover, the couple was provided with the opportunity to experience authentic Korean culture and enjoy the nation's natural beauty. The couple reportedly got the chance to visit the 14th-century Gyeongbokgung Palace and walk through Gwanghwamun Square. They were treated as esteemed guests of the country. Throughout their trip, the couple dined at Michelin-recommended restaurants and were also given private tours of various tourist spots.

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They enjoyed a beautiful hike in the mountains and a trip to the demilitarized zone. The best part of the trip was their reunion with the lovely group of South Korean travelers they befriended during the snowstorm. Unfortunately, all nine tourists could not arrive, and only six joined them for a meal. The tourists and the couple ate a four-course meal in a traditional Korean House. This restaurant had a beautiful view of the grand Changdeokgung Palace.

The meeting was emotional. There were a lot of tears, but they were all happy ones. All of them felt a sense of gratitude as they could meet each other even in such circumstances in the world. They felt their meeting was fate and they were meant to come into each other's life as a positive influence.


Talking about the entire experience Andrea shared with reporters: “To see everyone in Korea again is such a blessing.” As evident by the presence of Korean food condiments in their house, the couple always had an interest in the country and were glad that such an opportunity presented itself. The biggest takeaway for them was the fact that they had gained people in their lives whom they could call friends.

Editor's note: This article was originally published on June 5, 2023. It has since been updated.

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