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Couple replaces flower girls with 'flower grannies' at wedding and wins hearts on the internet

The traditional flower girls were not a part of the wedding ceremony because two adorable grandmas were ready to ace the duties like pros.

Couple replaces flower girls with 'flower grannies' at wedding and wins hearts on the internet
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @keelyamelia

Wedding ceremonies take a whole lot of pre-arrangements. From picking out the perfect venue to finalizing the most gorgeous wedding gown, making an elaborate list of guests and making sure everything goes according to the plan, it takes a lot of work. Similarly, choosing your flower girls, bridesmaids and best men can be a little challenging if you have a lot of friends and family eager to participate in those special roles. So, here is a rising trend on social media, making people switch traditional flower girls with adorable "flower grannies."

Image Source: TikTok | @keelyamelia
Image Source: TikTok | @keelyamelia

One such bride named Keely Amelia–who goes by @keelyamelia on TikTok–has created quite a buzz after posting a short video of two grandmas taking the position of the flower girls as they walk the aisle together while spreading flower petals and a whole lot of joy. The smiling grannies in their shimmering outfits get a lot of cheer and hype from the wedding guests, who are quick to fish out their cameras and record them. Amelia writes in the caption, "They were the stars of the show!" and we can't help but agree with the statement. Fellow TikTok users admire the two grandmas in the brief video, which is only nine seconds long, bringing so much joy to the viewers and the wedding guests.

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@95azura gushed, "I love this so much! I wish both my grandmas were still alive. I know the one who passed would have loved to do this with my daughter." @alexandralewinbuk shared, "I did this with my grandma!!! Also, I wanted to do a ring bearer grandpa, but he passed before I could. Had a picture of him on my bouquet. They are so cute." @mean_gene joked, "It would take my grandma 3-5 business days to walk that distance." @meghancathryn quipped, "The way I’m praying my grandma stays alive long enough to do this at my (hopefully I have one) wedding." added, "Me and my husband did a flower boy and girl, but I picked the boy and he picked the girl and it was so funny because he picked my sister and I picked his brother."

Image Source: TikTok | @amanndaleee
Image Source: TikTok | @amanndaleee

Let's just say, this isn't the first time flower girls are getting replaced by wholesome substitutes. A hair influencer named Jess (@onlyonejesss) on TikTok was getting hitched to the love of her life when she faced a slight confusion during her wedding arrangements. The bride had to find some appropriate spot for her two brothers since the groom had already chosen different groomsmen for himself. Wanting to give a special role to her two brothers, Jess came up with a fun solution and put them in charge of becoming the "flower bros" by replacing the traditional flower girls. The hilarious video reached millions of viewers who applauded the sprinkle of humor Jess decided to put on her wedding day.

She initially posted the video on her TikTok page and later shared it on her YouTube account. In the video, we can see the two brothers, dressed in tuxedos, entering the wedding aisle with sass and style. They each carry two fanny packs strapped on their torso, which have flower petals in them. They make their entry while displaying a bunch of smooth dance moves to "Leave The Door Open" by Bruno Mars, throwing the flowers gracefully. The guests at the wedding hoot along as the two make their way to the stage, with praise showering at the flower brothers, who totally understood the assignment and made the newlywed couple's day extra special.


You can follow Keely Amelia (@keelyamelia) on TikTok for more wholesome videos like this.

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