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This man lost his memory and started thinking it was 1993. He just proposed to his wife again.

When the couple got into a trauamtic accident, Andrew Mackenzie lost memory of a 29-year-old marriage with his beautiful wife, Kristy Mackenzie.

This man lost his memory and started thinking it was 1993. He just proposed to his wife again.
Cover Image Source: Facebook/Kristy Riggleman Mackenzie

Love is the most sacred feeling to exist and it can withstand several difficulties in its truest form. Andrew and Kristy Mackenzie's love and marriage have withstood the test of time and they have emerged stronger than ever even after going through something traumatic. On Father's Day in June, they were returning home after a family party when a vehicle crashed with Andrew's motorbike, sending both of them to the emergency room. Authorities told the couple that a motorist ran a stop sign. According to a witness, the pair was flung around 60 feet after the hit.


They thought their hardships would end there but when Andrew woke up in the hospital, Kristy had a traumatic shock. The 58-year-old suffered memory loss and thought it was the year 1993. She told People Magazine, "He knew me, but I could see him looking through me. I tell you, that's the scariest day of my life. Seeing him look through me like that, I didn't know how I was going to get him back." 

They had been married for 37 years and his memory of their last 29 years together was completely gone. The doctors couldn't give a liable explanation for his condition. Even though the pair had gone through so much over the years, Kristy had a stroke when she was 17, her mother died of breast cancer, and Andrew fought prostate cancer in 2016. However, this crash was the worst of all for Kristy.


After Andrew was transferred from the ICU, hospital personnel ultimately placed them in the same room after repeated requests from Kristy. She said, "I just wanted to be beside him. We even had a 'Do Not Disturb' sign that a nurse made — just to mess with our daughters." They have two daughters together, Lorelai, 31, and Amanda, 30. Kristy explained, "Our daughters say we're gross because everywhere we are, I'll kiss him or he'll kiss me. We're holding hands everywhere."


Her love for Andrew was so strong that once they were moved into the same room, Andrew's memory came back. Kristy said, "Everything seemed to click. I kept telling them, he would be better as long as we were together. I said, 'If you let us be together, he will get better.' And that's when it started coming around." She decided that once they get out of the hospital she will marry Andrew again. 


They were ultimately allowed to go home on July 10 after spending 11 days in the hospital and another 11 in a rehabilitation center. In August, on their annual family beach trip to North Carolina's Outer Banks, both of them were able to walk without the use of wheelchairs or walkers for the first time. Andrew took advantage of this time and while walking on the beach he went down on his knees and proposed to Kristy, a second time. 

On August 29, the couple renewed their vows in front of their children and grandkids. Their son-in-law officiated, making the occasion even more memorable. Kristy explained, "It was amazing. Family means everything to us. I hope it shows others to love as you mean it, and never give up on love or each other."

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