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Couple leaves heartfelt notes for each other even after 40 years of marriage: 'You are special'

They still follow the practice of leaving adorable notes for each other to express their love and care.

Couple leaves heartfelt notes for each other even after 40 years of marriage: 'You are special'
Cover Image Source: Reddit | u/talkintater

Love is beautiful and always finds its way to flourish even as life brings changes. People often worry that after getting married, their love may die or decrease over time. However, a Reddit user shared a post that tells otherwise. u/talkintater explained with a single image that love goes on even after marriage and all other obstacles. The user captioned the post, "After 40 years of marriage, these are the kind of notes my parents still leave each other."

Representative Image Source: Pexels/Gustavo Fring
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Gustavo Fring

The person's post was an image of their refrigerator with several Post-its and notes of different sizes. The notes were stuck on the refrigerator, some even overlapping each other. All the post-its and notes had sweet messages written on them. Some even had raw and faded kisses imprinted on them. The notes were from their parents to each other. They contained the most unusually adorable messages ever.

One post said, "Happy day after your birthday. You are just as special today as you were yesterday." The post concluded with a "Love you" along with a name that was redacted. Another Post-it said, "You're so sweet!" along with another "Love you" and this Post-it had a kiss mark on it. The birthday wish was from the person's dad and the latter note was from his mum. Other notes were greeting notes, that read, "Happy New Year" and "Happy Mother's Day. You are a good momma and a good aunt." While hand-written notes are already adorably wholesome, these raised the bar of love to a whole new level.

Representative Image Source: Pexels/cottonbro studio
Representative Image Source: Pexels | cottonbro studio

After 40 years after marriage, the couple still endearingly wrote random notes to each other. One of the spouses addresses their better half as "Baby Doll," which was written in all the Post-it notes. They also mentioned in the caption that the couple keeps these notes with them as a dear possession. What's more, is that these notes were not only for a particular occasion, they included the most usual messages delivered in a light-hearted and romantic way. The other post-its included repetitive messages indicating that the couple regularly keeps the practice of writing notes to one another.

Two other striking post-it notes were also visible in the image. These too, had been repeatedly stuck on the refrigerator. One was, "I fed the pets. Call me about what to lay out for dinner." The other post-it was the deal-breaker. It was presumably one of the most special ones stuck out there. It read, "I love you. My everything." The notes all had flimsy writing, neither the most stunning cursive nor the perfect hearts or punctuation, but it was full of love. The messiness itself expressed that it was a very random yet thoughtful gesture.

Image Source: Reddit/u/talkintater
Image Source: Reddit/u/talkintater


Representative Image Source: Reddit/u/Soapyfreshfingers
Image Source: Reddit | u/Soapyfreshfingers


Image Source: Reddit/u/DJGemini3rdeye
Image Source: Reddit | u/DJGemini3rdeye

People in the comment section were in absolute awe of this love language and could not help but say something and steal the idea. u/ducqducqgoose said, "I love this for them! This is so validating for me! My fiancé & soulmate and I have been together for 13 years. We still text each other just like this every day. This gives me hope we'll still be doing this in 30 years! And he's always called me babydoll, too." u/Fun_Vanilla_74 said, "I should start doing this with my family. This will make them happy."

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