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Couple invites strangers who recovered their lost engagement ring after finding them on social media

Two years ago, a couple saved Delegado's day by detecting her lost engagement ring on the beach and now they're about to attend her wedding.

Couple invites strangers who recovered their lost engagement ring after finding them on social media
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Scott Webb

It's a dream for many to have a magical proposal at the beach during a sunset. But watch out! Beach proposals may not turn out to be so dreamy if the tides don't work in your favor. That was the case for this Ohio couple whose proposal at Holmes Beach of Anna Maria Island, Florida, was nothing short of a magical evening. In May 2022, when 29-year-old Donald Carman popped the question to his girlfriend, Brittney Delegado, the ocean decided to play a little game and keep their engagement ring hidden for a while. Then, the couple's chance meeting with locals Mark and Vicky Mikkelson made their day, as per Patch.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Gad Samuel
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Gad Samuel

While Carman and Delegado often vacationed in Anna Maria Island, they loved the spot so much that Carman chose that place to propose. Thoughtful Carman got his girlfriend a new dress and even hired a photographer to capture the proposal on their one-year anniversary. Setting the vibe for a beautiful sunset picture, the couple's photographer brought the couple to a sandbar far from the water. Just when Delegado turned to watch the sunset while she was being captured on camera, Carman went down on one knee, pulling out the ring box. Not missing a beat, Delegado said, "Yes" to Carman. But the dreamy moment was disrupted by a wave that knocked the ring box out of Carman's hand and the engagement ring disappeared into the sea. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Kammeran Gonzalezkeola
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Kammeran Gonzalezkeola

The Mikkelsons, who were having their nightly walk, came across the couple in distress. Seeing Delegado crying over the lost ring, the couple stepped forward to find it. Mark, who loved being outdoors, also had a passion for metal detecting in the outdoors. Being hearing impaired, Mark could identify the metals as the detector's frequency was paired with his hearing aid. Along with this, Mark used another metal detector that notifies through vibrations as searching amidst the waves might be difficult. Finally, Mark had a eureka moment as his detecter went off near a seagrass bunch. "He found it in five minutes. That's the moment I finally started to cry," said Delegado.

After clicking a picture with the Mikkelsons, Delegado and Carman returned to their engagement photos, having their moment. But once they were done, the Mikkelsons had already left the place. So, when the engaged couple began their wedding plans, Delegado wished to have the Mikkelsons' presence on her big day. She decided to resort to Facebook to find the ones who salvaged her engagement ring. Sharing the picture she and Carman took with the kind-hearted couple, Delegado wrote in the Anna Maria Island Facebook group, "I really would love to find their contact information to not only thank them again but also invite them to our wedding at the end of the year."

To Delegado's surprise, the post reached Vicky, who got in touch with the soon-to-be bride within just two hours. So, as the wedding is about to take place in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, this November, the Mikkelsons, who were already looking forward to a vacation, are now set to attend Carman and Delegado's big day. Recalling the incident from two years ago, Mark said, "It was a wonderful experience. I told my daughter and son, my grandkids." Also, Delegado is often keen on reminiscing about that momentous day. Indeed, if not for the kind and thoughtful couple, the ring would have forever belonged to the sea.

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