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Couple in their 90s share their best piece of advice for the younger generations

A couple that they feel the younger generation should work to live a fulfilling life rather than helplessly trying to fit in.

Couple in their 90s share their best piece of advice for the younger generations
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @sprouht

There is no better teacher in the world than time. It is with time that people understand what exactly is crucial in life. To live a good life, people must invest their energy in things that truly matter rather than run behind ones that ultimately have no meaning. This is what a couple in their 90s emphasized during their interview with William Rossy, who goes by @sprouht on Instagram. In the interview, the couple shares what their years of experience have taught them about life. They talked about what people should prioritize in life to keep themselves happy. The suggestions are so poignant and heartfelt that they are bound to make people rethink the trajectory of their lives.

Image Source: Instagram/@sprouht
Image Source: Instagram | @sprouht

He captioned the video, "A 95-Year-Old's Best Life Advice For You." The man approached the couple in a park and asked them, "How old are you?" The couple, in their quirky way, answered that the man had spent 9 and a half decades under the sun, while his partner was just shy by one year for her 9 decades to be completed. The first question the man threw their way after hearing their age was, "How do you feel being 95 and 89?" The man had nothing but gratitude in his answer, "We don't feel our age at all times and we do at certain times. We both have certain issues. But we're lucky to be walking around in the sun." Though things have not exactly been smooth for the couple, they still feel lucky they can enjoy everything that life has offered.

Image Source: Instagram/@sprouht
Image Source: Instagram | @sprouht

Rossy then asked their opinion about the 20-something people and if they felt they were doing something wrong. For this answer, the woman took on the baton. She shared, "I feel life is more difficult today for younger people than it was when we were young." On being asked to clarify her stance, the woman further elucidated that life is just more difficult in every aspect for the young folks. The man chimed in and said, "I don't think there is concern about tomorrow, as we were. We saw to the future." To this, the woman added that she does not feel that the present generation has a lot of attachments toward their well-being in the future. All they do is try to fit into a facade by spending uncontrollably.

The present generation finds it hard to be rooted emotionally, which causes them to lose view of what matters. The couple seemingly point at this inability, as people today do not have anything they care about because they don't spend enough time with it. Instead, they are busy indulging in competition and things that make no sense. After that, Rossy asks them about the advice they would give to their younger selves on how to take on life. "Try to be as positive as you can because tomorrow is going to be a better day," the man shared. "Unless you make it a worse day." He feels that a lot of responsibility lies with one's own self. It is vital to prioritize the right things and not miss out on life due to incidents that hold no weight.

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Image Source: Instagram |
Image Source: Instagram/@mayssa_nasraoui31
Image Source: Instagram | @mayssa_nasraoui31

The couple believes that there is nothing more important in life than relationships. If people have their loved ones beside them, there is nothing they cannot conquer, which was reflected in their last answer. On being asked about the thing they cherished the most throughout their life, they adorably pointed at each other, leaving beaming smiles on all the people around them. The comment section found the perspective put forward by the couple very interesting. @triplekeys333 shared her own opinion and wrote, "It's true. Times were much easier back then! People were simpler and needed less to be happy! They are so fortunate to have one another till this age!" @ancaroberts appreciated the couple and commented, "They are the type of grandparents that you wanna talk to every time you have a bad day."

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