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Couple finds the most unique way of picking a name for their newborn and the internet approves

This couple ditched the tiring and confusing way of having to finalize a name for their child and chose a wholesomely creative idea instead.

Couple finds the most unique way of picking a name for their newborn and the internet approves
Cover Image Source: Instagram| @beaunosebones

Nothing brings more joy to couples than to know that they will be welcoming their baby soon. One of the major preparations parents have to make is picking out a name for their baby in advance. While couples opt for websites, name books, meanings and more before choosing the name, there is often conflict about which name is the perfect one. Parents usually go ahead with the name they love the most or ask their loved ones to help finalize. However, an Instagram couple shared a video explaining the unique way in which they picked their son’s name and it’s heart-melting. The video had a text overlay that read, “When my son asks where I got his name from, I’ll show him this video.”

Image Source: Instagram| @beaunosebones
Image Source: Instagram | @beaunosebones

As the video continues, the cutest golden retriever is seen along with the couple who are super excited to pick their final name. The couple then shared a glimpse of 3 tennis balls with 3 names written on them. One read, “Liam,” the second read, “Andrew,” and the third read, “Frankie.” The video revealed that the dog helped the couple finalize the ideal name for their son. The dad then threw all three tennis balls together at one time into a distance. The golden retriever then ran towards the ball and came back with just one. The ball which the dog chose read the name, “Frankie,” and right enough, the couple named their son Frankie. The three balls went in different directions but the furry guy had made up his mind.

Image Source: Instagram| @beaunosebones
Image Source: Instagram| @beaunosebones

Towards the end of the video, the paw pal is seen happily posing with the tennis ball reading, “Frankie.” The caption of the post read, “Definitely going to be Frankie’s fun fact about himself when he starts going to school!” Commenters could not get enough of the wholesome and fair way the couple chose to pick a name. With tens of thousands of likes and over 4k comments, many couples were sure to try this method and make naming their baby memorable, creative and fun. People were swooned by the fact that the couple had their dog choose their baby’s name. The idea seemed magical and heartwarming. @pigeonperson_ highlighted the fun experience it would be to tell people the story. They said, “Who chose your name? ‘My dog!’” Others found the idea amusing yet adorable.

Image Source: Instagram| @beaunosebones
Image Source: Instagram| @beaunosebones

@lauratab22 affirmed the idea of taking one’s pet’s opinion. She said, “Awesome! I’m going to use this method!” @dash_and_furious said, “You guys, my hormones can’t handle this much cuteness.” @jayjaythegoldenpup said, “I  can already imagine this happening. Teacher: Does anyone in the class know how you got your name? Frankie: My dog chose my name! Teacher: Your dog…? Frankie: Yes. It’s gonna be such a cute interaction.” @harmonyhrvst said, “‘The dog picked it.’ I love it!” @finnthegoldenretriever202 said, “Loved this idea! So original!” @socalgolden said, “One of my most favorite stories ever! I think this is the sweetest.” @2husketeers said, “Such a cute way to pick a name.” @theposhtart said, “I will do this before my dog passes so I know what to name my next one.” 

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