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Couple explains their personal decision of embracing the joy of being child-free: 'Best decision'

In a refreshing display of transparency, one couple is unapologetically sharing their decision to not have children.

Couple explains their personal decision of embracing the joy of being child-free: 'Best decision'
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @indiannaknight

Even in 2023, people are struggling with the concept of 'Live and Let Live.' However, one couple on TikTok is no longer affected by other people's reactions to their life-changing decision. They have chosen to talk freely about it without any fear of backlash. Indianna Knight recently came out with her and her husband's decision of getting a vasectomy. She opened up about the couple's decision not to become parents and explained in detail every aspect of the decision in a follow-up video. Their transparent attitude was refreshing and garnered the couple a lot of support.

Image Source: TikTok/ Photo by @indiannaknight
Image Source: TikTok | @indiannaknight

The video starts with the couple dancing. The text overlay on the video was "POV: Your husband gets the snip, so you get to live forever in your dink era." The surprising element for all the viewers is that such behavior is expected when someone is announcing their pregnancy but not when they are telling the world they are never going to have any children. Knight saw this confusion and could also feel the questions coming her way in real life.

Image Source: TikTok/ Photo by @indiannaknight
Image Source: TikTok | @indiannaknight

In her follow-up video, she explained calmly and in detail how she and her husband have reached this decision. She started the video by focusing on the different attitudes faced by her and her husband when it came to getting their wishes fulfilled. During her visit with the doctor to get tubal ligation, they flat-out refused. They answered that they would not do it until she had children or was 35. Knight currently is 25 years old and did not want to wait for 10 years to fulfill her wish. However, her husband's wish was more easily processed.

While talking about her husband's experience, Knight said, "So he went in, he had to get a referral, went to the GP. He literally just asked. I said, 'Do you know where to go?' He said, 'Yes, they printed it.' And then he waited. It was about a six-month wait for him to get in. He went to see the surgeon on the day and they literally said, 'Do you have kids?' He was like, 'No, no.' Like, 'Oh, cool, loads of people are doing that these days.' Done."


The difference is not only with medical professionals but also in real life. In the case of the husband, when he used to communicate about his desire not to have children, the tone towards him was understanding, but when it came to Knight, everyone tried to make her realize that she was making a huge mistake. As far as missing out on love is concerned, she explains that she does feel that kind of love in her heart, "I genuinely feel like I have enough love in my heart. I'm so fulfilled with love for my husband and my pets, and I'm okay to leave it at that."

Moreover, if she regrets this decision later, she will adopt kids because there are so many in the world in search of love. She further explains that she is adamant in her stance of not wanting children to take care of her.

Image Source: TikTok
Image Source: TikTok

In her own words, "If I did have kids, I would want them to be out there living their best life, traveling, feeling fulfilled,and I wouldn't even expect them to live in the same town as me if they didn't want to." Several people in the comment section understood her point. @victoria54681 supported her call and commented, "Dink and being the cool auntie is winning at life. No kid-related stress but having nieces to look after you when you get old." @girlwith2labs believes that child-free life is the best and wrote, "In the mid-30s and best decision we ever made was to live the dink life."

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