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Couple gets engaged at 'Schitt's Creek' pop-up, taking inspiration from Dan Levy's on-screen romance

The romantic proposal took place at the Pop TV show's pop-up event in New York City on Saturday.

Couple gets engaged at 'Schitt's Creek' pop-up, taking inspiration from Dan Levy's on-screen romance
Cover Image Source: Instagram

For newly-engaged couple John and Jonathan, Dan Levy's hit series Schitt's Creek is more than just a show. Like countless other fans, this couple has been greatly inspired by the Emmy nominated sitcom and so when the time came to put on a ring on their relationship, John knew exactly how he'd pull off the perfect proposal. The superfan got down on one knee before his boyfriend Jonathan at the Pop TV show's pop-up event in New York City on Saturday and asked him one of the most important questions of their lives: "Will you marry me?"

According to PEOPLE, the romantic proposal that took place in front of Rose Apothecary—the go-to store for Schitt's Creek residents and a popular staple for fans of the show—touched the hearts of many followers and fans when a video of the couple's magical moment was shared on the network's Instagram Story. Even the comedy hit's co-creator Levy joined in on celebrating the couple! Speaking to the publication, John and Jonathan revealed how they immediately hit it off after meeting each other at a bar one night.


The couple credits their mutual love for Schitt's Creek and Levy (David) and Noah Reid (Patrick)'s on-screen love as one of the critical elements of their relationship. "We are both fans of the show. We watched like everyone else the beautiful scene of David and Patrick," the duo said, referencing the big proposal scene featured in season 5 of the show. "We knew we saw our love in their love," Jonathan—a teacher by profession—added.


"I felt that the 'Schitt’s Creek' pop-up was the perfect spot to express my commitment. We bonded over the true meaning of the show like thousands of others have. This was by far the most special night of our lives," said John, who sells and restores furniture. Like John and Jonathan, the show's fans from across the world were both surprised and thrilled when Patrick proposed to David during the couple’s hike in season 5.


Although the hike did initially go a bit awry—what with a branch going straight through Patrick’s shoe and David having to carry his boyfriend to the top of the mountain—it was all worth it in the end. The moment Patrick got down on one knee and asked David to marry him will go down in television history as one of the most romantic on-screen moments ever. The four 24-karat gold engagement rings which were an exact replica the silver rings he's been sporting since the beginning of the show were a nice touch too.


Speaking to Entertainment Weekly about the epic proposal in October, Levy said, "I knew we were going to build towards an engagement. As soon as the idea of the engagement came in, I knew it had to be four gold rings to replace his four silver rings because they were such a part of who he is. I also thought it was a beautiful way and an easy way of showing just how well Patrick knows David. It was an easy way of adding like an extra sucker punch to the emotionality of that scene by saying, 'Oh, he really sees this person and knows what he wants and is thoughtful and caring and has taken the time to really know who this person is.' And I get, too, at the end of all this, go home with one of those rings, which is fun."


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