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Couple decides to spend their retired life on a cruise ship: 'It's cheaper than a retirement home'

Marty and Jess decided to board a cruise in 2022. With 51 cruises in a 500-day back-to-back trip, it is now their preferred lifestyle.

Couple decides to spend their retired life on a cruise ship: 'It's cheaper than a retirement home'
Cover Image Source: YouTube/A Current Affair

Retirement is meant to be a phase where one relaxes, reconnects with hobbies and explores all the adventures they initially dreamed of. However, with the current economy, fulfilling these dreams fails to become reality and just getting by with the ever-increasing expenses adds stress rather than relaxation. Retired individuals and couples often struggle to get by with pensions and other means of income and have to look for alternatives. Marty and Jess Ansen found the most thrilling alternative to their retired living. 

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The Australian couple has been cruising for over 500 days back-to-back with 51 adventurous cruises in place. New York Post reported that the couple began their cruise journey back in 2022, after COVID. The article also mentioned that the two are great-grandparents and have become one of the longest-staying passengers beating even some of the crew. In an interview with A Current Affair, Marty said, “I said to my travel agent, ‘Look whatever comes of it, just book it.’” Though the cruises are directed as an idea of fun and enjoyment, there is a reason behind the same.

The retired couple claims that cruising has been a far better alternative and cheaper than a retirement home. “It’s our lifestyle,” said Jess. The article mentioned that the duo had been exploring cruises for decades before deciding to make it something this solid and noteworthy. Jess also highlighted how this option gets you most of the perks to truly live life and let yourself go all out as intended during retirement. “Where else can you go for dinner, a show and dancing? Through the day, you have all these activities.”



Among the couple’s favorites were hula and ballroom dancing, as well as making lifelong friends. Giving a gist of what their retired days look like, the couple mentioned that they begin with some ping-pong and fresh beers, not to mention the scenic beauty that unravels at dawn. Living a perfectly retired life, the couple also manages to visit their families at ports every now and then. The article mentioned that the couple is now a family to many from the crew and as the ship’s hotel manager puts it, “Everyone knows them around the ship, they’re basically celebrities onboard.”



The couple’s cruising adventures see no barrier as the article reports that they intend to hop on board the cruise line’s Crown Princess, an even bigger ship, for another year. Indeed a cost-efficient and lively option for retirement. “It’s a beautiful life,” Marty says. Retired couples are opting for similar lifestyles given the hefty cost of living in retirement homes. What’s more, it adds to a life experience that couples can appreciate at a stage like retirement. A similar instance was shared by another retired couple, Angelyn and Richard Burk, who also decided to go cruising in their latter years of life.



Angelyn, who is an accountant, crunched some numbers and realized that this idea was indeed a more budget-friendly and thrilling one. "We can do this. Let's make cruise ships our home,” Angelyn told her husband. With their research and understanding, it was established that the duo could voyage to beautiful locations to enjoy retired life at a cheaper cost. "We have a magnificent living room, an absolutely gorgeous dining room and a hot tub that never needs maintenance. It's like you're at home," she said.


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